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Fix Common Inkjet Printer Errors

inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are the most common printer in most consumer homes. They are cheaper than laserjet printers and work fine most of the time. However, they also have their share of problems like jams, streaks, or losing connections with your PC.

Troubleshooting Common Inkjet Printer Errors

Use Printflush to Solve Printing Problems


Printflush is a tiny batch file that can solve your printing problems in one click.

Printflush is a Tiny Tool To Eliminate Your Printing Woes

Windows 7: How to Share a Printer with Your Network


This guide tells you how to share a printer with your network from Windows 7. It also gives some guidance on how computers with older versions of  Windows can install the printer and use it.

How to Share a Printer with Your Network

Convert Web Pages into a Printer Friendly Format using Clippable

printer friendly web pages

If you still like to read content on paper and you tend to print out web pages for future reading, then you will love Clippable. It’s a free Firefox and IE add-on that cleans up a webpage so that when you print it, you only get the content and not the other junk.

Make a Webpage Printer Friendly

Connect to a XP Printer from Windows 7

xp to windows 7 printer sharing

Being in IT, one common question I’ve been getting is how to print to a printer connected to a Windows XP machine from Windows 7? Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes not. Read the tutorial below to learn how to share a printer from XP to Win 7.

Share a Printer Between XP and Windows 7

Use the Ecofont to Save Money on Printing


Of course, your best bet is to… you know, Stop printing! It’s 2009, can’t you print to a PDF instead? No? Alright, well if you insist on printing you should check out the Ecofont, which has tiny "holes" in the letters that you can’t see, but make your printer use less ink. Neat!


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