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Safe Browsing Tips You Should Know About

safe browsing

Useful tips to browse the web as safely as possible.

How to Have as Safe a Browsing Experience as Possible

What is Privacy Really?

what is privacy

What is Privacy exactly? An interesting post on the topic.

What is Privacy?

Google: Master Of Your Domain



Zero Hedge with a great review of a recent Wall Street Journal article on Google and privacy.

JottaCloud Offers Data Backups Outside the US


If the recent news about NSA snooping has got you worried about your data residing on the servers of US-based companies like Dropbox, then you may want to try this Norway based Dropbox alternative.


Norway’s Jottacloud offers data sheltered from US snooping

Anonymity is Overrated Anyway


Of course it isn’t but it’s the price we pay for the tech we crave.

via Neowin

Secure Your MS Office Docs Using Passwords


Learn how to secure your MS Office 2007 docs using passwords without the need of a separate software to do that.

How to Password Protect MS Office (2007) Documents Without Using Third Party Tools

Blocking Phone Numbers and Texts on Android


Got someone calling you unnecessarily and wasting your time? Maybe he is sending a barrage of text messages that you find hard to keep deleting. The following two articles talk about 2 solutions for blocking such numbers on your Android phone.

How to Block Phone Numbers On Android

How to Filter and Block Incoming Calls, Texts on Android

Privacy in the Digital Age (or lack thereof)


Short film on the privacy you may be giving up to remain connected.

Hide Files in Windows With Secret Disk

hide files using secret disk 4 

Learn how to create a hidden partition in Windows and hide files.

How to Easily Hide Files in an Invisible Hard Disk Partition Using Secret Disk

Control Facebook Privacy Settings with PrivacyDefender

facebook privacy

Are you worried about your privacy on Facebook? Not sure how to configure all of those privacy settings to ensure your information is not public or visible to people you are trying to hide it from? PrivacyDefender is a tool that lets you easily control your Facebook privacy settings.


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