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Autoruns for Microsoft Provides the Best Startup Control. Period.



Can you make a cup of coffee before your PC turns on ? Easily control the programs that start with your computer by using Autoruns, a tiny app that does so much more. Download and click on the ‘Logon’ tab and check which programs you no longer need to start with your machine every time. Well documented with lots of options, try checking your start times before and after. (Run as Admin)

Autoruns for Microsoft v9.56

What is Conhost.exe on Windows 7 Systems?


Curious what the new conhost.exe process does on your Windows 7 machine? Turns out it’s a fancy new tweak that enables drag & drop to your command prompt, since that didn’t work in Vista.

What is conhost.exe and Why Is It Running?

What Are All These Processes?

 Windows Process List

Have you ever wondered what all those processes are when you look in Task Manager? Even if they aren’t using way too much CPU and memory, it just seems unlikely that they all need to be running… but which one do you disable, and how?

Here’s a quick list of 15 of the more common services, and the answer to your questions.

Hit the links for each item to see a full description of each item and what it does, and whether you can disable it.

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