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Tableau Public – Brilliant Data Visualization Tool


Tableau Public is a commercial tool which allows you to create amazing charts out of any data set. They offer also a free version which you can download an use at any time. With it, you have access to all features, except the possibility to save the charts on your computer. However, they do get stored on the Tableau Public servers and you can embed them into blog posts or share them online with anyone. If you are a blogger, crunching and sharing lots of data, you should definitely consider it.

Tableau Public Download Page (requires e-mail address to download & free account to use)

Mind Mapping for free with XMind


I’m pretty sure all geeks visiting our site work on different types of projects. One effective tool to define the deliverables of a project is to create a mind map. After trying out lots of mind mapping software, I’ve found a favorite – XMind. It does all the basics right, looks great, can save to different formats and it is open-source.

XMind Product Page | XMind Official Download Page | Mirror

Write for 10 Minutes About Anything

write for 10 mintues

Recently, I ran into a cool website called Write for Ten. It’s a project with one rule: write for 10 minutes about anything. Apparently, this helps develop a habit for writing, helps put ideas into words and helps you avoid procrastinating! Check it out!

Write for Ten

Learn How to Use Sparklines in Excel

excel sparklines

Ever heard of Sparklines? It’s a cool new feature in Excel 2010 that lets you create “mini-charts”, as you can see from the image above. It basically lets you analyze data in more ways and more efficiently. Want to quickly see a trend? Use Sparklines. Learn more below.

How to Use Sparklines in Excel

How to Delete Blank Lines in Excel

excel delete blank lines

If you’ve ever worked with Excel files before, you’ve probably ran into the situation where you had to get rid of a bunch of blank lines or empty rows. There are several different ways to do it, but you certainly don’t want to go through and manually delete every blank cell or row! Read on to learn how to do it efficiently.

Remove Blank Cells or Rows in Excel

Generate Your Own Barcode Online

make barcode

If you’re a real geek, you’ve probably already created a barcode that has your name encoded in it! If not, you should get crackin! Creating a barcode is easy and it’s a lot of fun scanning it away and watching your name pop up! If you need some quick barcodes for fun or for a small project, check out this article below.

Create Your Own Barcodes Online

Make Any Web Page Printer Friendly with Printee

printer friendly web page

Ever wanted to print a webpage out so that you could read it later on while on a flight or somewhere else? Printee is a cool service that takes any webpage and strips out all the junk to leave you with just the content in a nice clean format.


Send a group message and compile the responses using SendGM


SendGM is a new service that lets you send a message to a group of people via SMS, email or voice and then lets you know who viewed the messages and lets you create quick polls. Great for small businesses, sport teams, schools, or a group of friends.


How to connect your laptop to your TV


Trying to figure out the best way to get your computer screen to show up your your TV? Depending on whether you have an an HDTV and what kind of port you have on your computer, it can get a little confusing. Check out the simple guide below for help.

How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV

Send To Toys, A Tiny App You Will Use Every Day



No longer be limited by what Microsoft feels should appear as your Send To context choices. We use and highly recommend this.

Send To Toys

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