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Using Microsoft Remote Desktop on Other Platforms

How to Set Up and Use Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac, iOS, and Android

Learn how to use Microsoft’s remote desktop feature from other platforms.

How to Set Up and Use Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac, iOS, and Android

Remote Desktop Connections from OS X Mountain Lion to Windows PCs


Earlier versions of Mac OS X were able to establish remote desktop connections to Windows PC’s using the free Remote Desktop Connection tool from Microsoft but this tool does not work on OS X Mountain Lion. Here are a few free alternatives you can use instead; they work also with Windows 8 devices.

4+ Free Tools for Making Remote Connections from Macs to Windows PCs


Using Your iPhone as a Remote


Well, not for TV, but you can certainly use it as remote for your Mac or PC and control it right from the iOS interface using the instructions given in the following guide.

5 Best iOS Apps to Use iPhone as a PC or Mac Remote Control

Setting Up Remote Desktop in Windows 8


The following two guides should help you in setting up remote desktop connections in Windows 8.

How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 8

Using Remote Desktop App in Windows 8 For Remote Connections

The Most Underrated Tool for Providing Remote Support

Windows Remote Assistance is a perfectly working Windows tool for providing remote assistance and support to people who need it. Why install third-party tools?

How to Provide Remote Support with Windows Remote Assistance

Enable Remote Desktop in XP Remotely

remote desktop remotely

If you’re an administrator, it’s useful to be able to remotely log into a users PC via remote desktop. However, you have to make sure remote desktop is enabled on a Windows XP machine before you can connect. Here’s how to remotely enable remote desktop on an XP machine.

Remotely Enable Remote Desktop on Windows XP

Best Programs to Share Your Desktop Remotely

remote desktop apps

Having a computer problem? Wish your geek buddy from another city could help you out? If you want to share your desktop remotely or let someone take control of your computer so they can fix a problem, then you can use free remote desktop sharing apps to get the job done!

6 Free Apps to Share Your Desktop Remotely

How to configure your router for remote desktop

remote desktop router

Would you like to be able to remotely access your home or office computer? If you’ve already enabled remote desktop on your PC, you will have to also open up ports on your router if you want to connect from outside your local network. This post from Help Desk Geek walks you through all the steps to get remote desktop working.

How to Setup a Router for Remote Desktop

TweetMyPC – Remote Control Your PC Using Tweets


This is for all you Twitter geeks out there. Want to remote control PC using tweets? It turns out you can do it, using TweetMyPC. This little tool will help you do the following: Shutdown/Restart your PC, make screenshots, download files to your system, get files from your PC, and many other things.

TweetMyPC via I Love Free Software

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