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NachoFoto Searches Images in Real-time


A nice real-time image search engine to find popular and trending images on the web.


LocPDF is a Visual PDF Search Tool


Here’s an interesting visual search tool for searching and previewing PDF files.


Live PDF Searches PDF Files and Ebooks


Live PDF is a nice ebook search engine that pulls out the PDF files from Google and Bing search results.

Live PDF

Get Better Windows Search With UltraSearch


Sometimes Windows’ default file search can be a pain. UltraSearch, which is fast and has a clean interface, could be a better replacement for that.

UltraSearch is a Nice Windows Search Tool

Compare Google Search Suggestions

compare google suggest results

Ever wonder what items would be similar if you search the phrases “what do men” and “what do women” in Google? Check out this website where you can type two search phrases and see which items are similar and which are different. Pretty neat!

Web Seer

Cool Extension KwiClick Gives In-Tab Search Results

In this case, we highlighted the Metropolitan Museum of Art address and a small map of the Upper East Side of Manhattan appeared. This would be a great tool if just for that but there’s more. See Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook (and more) results without leaving the page you’re on. KwiClick integrates with FireGestures and is completely configurable. For a description of additional features, see the links below.

KwiClick v2.4.1 extension from Firefox Add-ons

KwiClick Home

Search for Software and Programming Manuals Online

manuals search engine

Just got a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe Photoshop? Or maybe you want to learn how to code in Java or PHP? Whatever the case, check out Manuals Search Engine, a custom Google search engine that lets you quickly search through thousands of software, programming, and tech manuals online.

Manuals Search Engine

Automatically Change The Size Of The Firefox Searchbox


The Searchbar Autosizer changes the size of the searchbar based on the length of the query, a predefined length or by keeping it the same size all the time. Very handy if long searches needed to be seem in their entirety. You can also set minimum and maximum pixels. 5 star rating review at the add-ons page.

Searchbar Autosizer homepage @ MozDev

Install Searchbar Autosizer v1.4.5 @ Firefox Add-ons

Find What You Are Looking for Fast using Windows Grep

windows grep

grep originally was a command line utility used to search for text in files on UNIX. It’s also a popular search utility on Linux. And now you can use this powerful tool in Windows! Windows Grep is a simple to use text search utility that lets you search multiple files at once using regular expressions.

Search Multiple Text Files

Make the Firefox Find Box Remember Your Ctrl+F Searches


Do you use the Ctrl+F shortcut key combination to find things in a page often? Now you can make Firefox save them.


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