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Save Firefox Bookmark Searches to Make Dynamic Folders


Ever wanted a customized folder on your Firefox Bookmarks bar that just shows whatever bookmarks that match your search terms?

Open up the bookmark organizer (Ctrl+Shift+B), do a search through your bookmarks, click Save, give it a name, and then drag the new search bar (at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu) over to the Bookmarks bar (or wherever else you want it).

Find Stuff on Craigslist the Easier Way


Want a better way to search for stuff on Craigslist? You might want to take a quick look through Craiglook, an alternate way to find what you’re looking for. They use the RSS feeds from Craigslist to let you search by distance through the classifieds.


Find Awesome Icons that are Just the Right Size

image not only has a great collection of icons you can sort through, but it lets you drag the sliders to pick exactly the right size for the images you are looking for. You can download them in PNG and sometimes ICO format for use on your PC.


CyberSearch Extension Makes Firefox Awesome Bar 200% More Awesome


If you want the Firefox Awesome Bar to give you search suggestions, act as a calculator, or add a spell-checker directly in the list without needing to waste time hitting the search results page, the CyberSearch extension is exactly what you need. Hit the download page for way more screenshots.


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