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Learn Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts


Here’s a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Outlook’s desktop client. Check them out.

The Best and Most Useful MS Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Useful Outlook Shortcuts


As written by Microsoft insider Annik Stahl. We love her blog, it’s always packed with useful tips and tricks.

Outlook Blog

Pinning shortcuts with parameters

Do you want to pin a shortcut to the taskbar or the Start Menu, which includes advanced parameters? This tutorial shows how.

Pin Shortcuts with Parameters on the Taskbar or the Start Menu

20 Essential Windows 7 Shortcuts


Including a few you don’t know (hopefully).

20 Essential Windows 7 Shortcuts

Awesome Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Some really cool keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7.

15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts That Might Surprise You

99 Windows 7 Shortcuts & Counting


If you’re the type of geek using shortcuts for most commonly used application/tasks, you might want to take a look at this collection. It has 99 shortcuts for Windows 7 apps, administration tasks, etc. Also, the authors of the download package are willing to expand the collection on request.

All shortcuts are split into the following categories: Shut Down Menu, Troubleshooting, Windows Programs, Ease of Access, System Administration Tools, Tablet PC, Windows PowerShell, Networking.

The Biggest Library of Windows 7 Shortcuts

Make a Shortcut to Close “Not Responding” Applications


Tired of your applications locking up, and having to open up task manager and kill them? You can make a quick-kill shortcut that will just whack any application that isn’t responding. Make a new shortcut with this path:

taskkill.exe /f /fi "status eq not responding"

Desktop Media Puts Drive Shortcuts On Your Desktop


Ever wanted a drive letter icon to pop up on your desktop when you plug in a flash drive? Desktop Media adds this feature without a lot of bloat.

Desktop Media

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