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The Future of Marketing – As Predicted by McKinsey


Creepy or awesome, what do you think? More can be found in this report:

The coming era of ‘on-demand’ marketing


Infographic plus details on the Occupy Movement

This post includes some interesting data and stats: 75 days of the Occupy Movement


Suggestions for how to best use LinkedIn

INFOGRAPHIC: Here’s How To REALLY Use LinkedIn


Learn About the New Digg

New Digg

Digg is getting revamped and ReadWriteWeb tells you what to expect and how you could make the most of it.

The New Digg: What It Means For Power Users & Publishers

How the World Spends Time Online

spend time online

Ever wonder how the rest of the world is spending their time online? You probably won’t be surprised to hear that 22% of the time spent online by the world is used on social media. Check out more interesting facts.

How the World Spends Its Time Online

2009 Open Web Awards Winners, Social Media Edition

sshot-1’s 3rd annual list of the best sites in social media.

2009 Winners List

Create Twitter Backgrounds for Free using Twitlay

twitter backgroun

Want to create a background for your Twitter account? Just about everyone is doing that these days, so may as well join them! Twitlay is a service that lets you create your own Twitter backgrounds using your own pictures for free or have them design one for $50.


Microsoft Does Tech Support Over… Twitter?


I guess it makes sense though, since you can easily fit "have you rebooted?" or "it’s time to reinstall" into Twitter’s 140 character limit. When it comes to Windows Tech Support people, do they really suggest anything else? =)

@MicrosoftHelps [Twitter via Download Squad]

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