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The Best Tool to Manage the Windows Startup Items

Are you curious to know which is the best tool for managing the startup items in Windows? Check out this thorough analysis.

What’s the Best Startup Manager for Windows?

How to use the System Configuration tool

Most probably you have already used the System Configuration tool in Windows (msconfig.exe). However, did you use all its functionality? Do you know about everything it has to offer?

Read this tutorial and be surprised by its versatility: How To Use the System Configuration Tool & All its Awesomeness!


How to Fix the Windows 7/Vista Startup


If you are having problems with your Windows 7/Vista startup, then you might want to use the Startup Repair tool. This tutorials shows how and when to use the tool to fix your problems. Very useful when your Windows refuses to boot properly.

Fix Windows 7 using Startup Repair

Quickly Create System Restore Point with a Shortcut

create restore point

One surefire way to make sure you can undo a bad install or fix a corrupt registry is to create a system restore point. Most people don’t do it manually because it’s a pain, but what if you can simply double-click a shortcut on your desktop? Read on to learn more…

Create System Restore Point with Desktop Shortcut

Repair Common Windows 7 Problems with FixWin

fix windows 7

Having a problem with your Windows 7 computer? If so, check out a nitfy little program called FixWin. It has a nice collection of over 50 fixes to common Windows 7 problems, such as a missing recycle bin or problems with Aero Snap and Peek.

FixWin – Fix Windows 7 Problems

Easily Remove Older Java Runtime Versions


JavaRa is a tiny app that removes old versions of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) safely and easily. A great tool for everyone.

JavaRa Homepage

Download From SourceForge

Find and Recover Those Files You Didn’t Mean to Delete


Lost an important file, photo, or some document to a random attack of the delete button? Yeah, you should really be more careful. Thankfully for you, there’s DiskDigger, an excellent piece of software that will recover deleted files that aren’t in the recycle bin anymore.


Hide Drives from My Computer the Easy Way


All you have to do is open this thing up (run as Administrator in Win7/Vista), check the boxes, and write the settings to the registry. If you’d rather understand the tweak and do it manually, you can learn about how this registry hack works.

NoDrives Manager

Test the Speed of Your USB Drive


Ever wondered exactly how fast your Flash Drive is? You can easily benchmark them using the portable CrystalDiskMark utility that tests both Read and Write speeds. Very handy!


Figure Out Unknown Devices in Device Manager


Unknown Devices is a small application that helps you figure out what those devices with question marks in Device Manager are really about. Of course, normally you should just install the motherboard & system drivers, but sometimes it can really help to figure it out.

Unknown Devices

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