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Run Any Browser Directly from the Web


Want to quickly test your website in IE 6 or Firefox 2 or Google Chrome 5 or Safari 4 or Opera? Spoon is a cool website that lets you run specific versions of the popular web browsers directly in your web browser via a plugin. Great for geeks like me.

Spoon Browser Sandbox

Windows 7 vs Windows Vista: the UAC Benchmark


Personally, I’m a big fan of UAC (User Account Control) and the additional security it brings to the world of Windows. And one of the things I enjoy about Windows 7 is the fact that Microsoft tweaked a lot the number of UAC prompts, versus Windows Vista. If you want to know by how much, check out this very interesting benchmark. The Conclusion? In Windows 7 you have both good security and a more pleasant user experience.

Windows 7 vs Windows Vista: the UAC Benchmark

Test Your System Memory with the Memtest Boot CD

Memtest Boot ISO CD

If you are having problems with your computer, running a memory test is always a good idea, and nothing makes the process simpler than creating a Memtest86+ boot CD… especially since they provide pre-built ISO images for you.

Memtest86+ – Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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