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Best Text Management Apps for Mac and iOS


Useful text utilities for Mac and iOS.

Top 3 Apps to Work With Text on The iPhone

The Best Tools to Work With Text on Mac OS X

Publish Online Using Text Files With


This service lets you maintain an online text file through Dropbox. You can also quickly create and share text files with this.

Use My TextTools to Edit and Organize Text


My TextTools is a very handy collection of scripts you can use to find, organize, count or convert text. Thanks to Reinier for sharing !

My TextTools

Clean Up Clipboard Formatting Easily


Tired of pasting stuff from one application to the other, and ending up with all sorts of awful formatting when you just wanted plain text? PureText fixes that problem easily, and it’s a tiny app.


Can You Survive a Text Game on a Desert Island?


Remember those ancient text-based games that were the rage back in the PC stone age? Well, this silly game places you on a desert island and you have to figure out how to get to safety. It’s silly, short, and an enjoyable 5 minutes of retro geek fun.


Want Some ASCII Art? This Guy Has the Whole Nerd Collection


ASCII art is awesome old-school fun—we’ve already shown you how to create signatures and search through Google Images in text mode, and today you can check out a great collection of ASCII art from some nerd that we don’t know.

Christopher Johnson’s ASCII Art Collection

ASCII Generator Creates Old-School Text Signatures


The ASCII Generator lets you easily create those text designs that you always see in downloaded .nfo files. Just pop your text in the box and hit the button, and it’ll generate… you can also choose the "all fonts" item to see a list of every "font face".


ASCII Generator

Search Google Images in Text Mode


It was only a matter of time before somebody came up with a way to search through google images and have them automatically convert into text. Toogle does this, although it only lets you find the first item in any search, so if you want to find a specific image in text you’ll have to do some crafty searching.

Toogle Search: bender


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