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Transformers 3 Theme for Win 7


Another hit summer theme from Microsoft.

Download Windows 7 Transformers 3 theme

Android theme for Windows 7

An awesome Android inspired theme for Windows 7.

Android Windows 7 Theme

Easily Create a Custom Theme in Windows 7


This easy to follow tutorial by Microsoft shows you how to use your own pictures as desktop wallpaper, create custom screensavers even sound and color schemes.

Create a Win7 Theme in & Steps

Surreal Territory theme (Windows 7)


You can’t help but notice these theme packs are getting better and better.

Surreal Territory theme

Windows 7 Easter Theme


Easter is next weekend, get a jump on the bunny with this wonderful theme pack. Six wallpapers, desktop icons and even instructions on how to install an Easter egg start button.

Windows 7 Easter theme

Discovery Channel LIFE Theme (Win7)


Released to coincide with the upcoming Discovery Channel series LIFE, this beautiful Windows 7 themepack includes some great wallpaper.

Discovery Channel LIFE theme

The Wearing of the Green – St. Patrick’s Day Theme (Firefox)


This new theme by the Brand Thunder project looks absolutely marvelous. One caveat, their Privacy policy which they spell out clear as a bell on the install page:

We respect your privacy. We do track some data – but it’s only numbers. We follow the total number of active themes, clicks on the extension buttons and themes using our search partners. That’s it.
Nothing is personally identifiable and nothing is on an individual basis. The full legal description is at if you’d like extra assurance.

St. Patrick’s Day theme and extension v1.0.2 via Firefox Addons

Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7

windows 7 themes

Did you know that there are hidden themes in Windows 7? For example, if you live in the US, there is a theme set called United States. But there are themes for other countries as well, you just can’t see them. Learn how to unlock them.

Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Romantic Valentine’s Day Win7 Theme


Complete with 29 wallpapers, sounds, icons and more.

Romantic Win7 theme from

Beautiful Monet Windows 7 Theme


So many people wrote in to thank us for linking to the Renoir theme, we’d like to share a new one by the same author, Gabriel Cupertino. He has a Delacroix theme posted in his gallery as well.

Download Monet Win7 theme

Gabriel Cupertino’s DA gallery

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