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Stop a Pending Shut Down in Windows

Knowing how to stop the shutdown procedure can be useful at times.

How to Stop the Shut Down Procedure from Completing

Scott Hanselman’s Awesome List of Tools for Windows


One of the most comprehensive lists of tools we’ve ever seen, Scott Hanselman has compiled hundreds of links to useful programs. This is a page you’ll want to bookmark and send to your friends.

Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen

Google Find IP Trick


Did you know: You can now type what is my ip in Google and hit search to get your IP address. Cool, isn’t it? 🙂

Complete Guide to Windows 7’s Task Scheduler

If you want to know how to get the most of Windows 7’s task scheduler, then this series of articles is what you need. It starts with an introduction of the tool, its interface and main features. The next article shows how to work with the basic task wizard while the last goes into advanced task scheduling and editing all possible properties of a task.

First Steps in Working With the Task Scheduler

How To Create a Task With the Basic Task Wizard

Advanced Users – Task Creation With Task Scheduler

Windows 7’s Disk Cleanup – still useful & relevant


Even if you have a big hard disk, it’s still a good idea to run a disk cleanup from time to time. Eliminate all the junk, temporary files, unused restore points, etc.

To learn how to use Windows 7’s Disk Cleanup tool and its new features, check this tutorial.

Free Up Wasted Space with Disk Cleanup

Editing VHD images with Windows 7’s Disk Management tool


Did you know you can mount and edit ‘.vhd’ (virtual hard disk) images with Windows 7’s Disk Management tool?

If you are working with lots of virtual images, then this tip might come in handy.

Disk Management – How to Mount and Unmount VHD Images

Disk Usage – Folder size from the command line

Disk Usage Folder Properties 201007

This is for true geeks and network admins: how to use Disk Usage from Windows Sysinternals to calculate size from the command line.

Disk Usage (Download Page)

Calculate folder size from the command line (Tutorial)

Add “Up to Parent Folder” button in Windows Explorer


If you miss the “Up to Parent Folder” button from Windows XP, then give this tip a read. It shows how to add this button back to Windows Explorer, on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to add a “go up to parent folder” button in explorer for Windows 7 and Vista

Speed Up Firefox by Preloading Components

firefox preloader

Firefox is already pretty fast when loading, but what if you could make it load even faster? That’s where Firefox Preloader comes in. This nifty program will pre-load some of the components that Firefox uses, so it loads up instantly. Check it out.

Speed Up Firefox with Firefox Preloader

Customize Everything Related to Dates, Times, Currency and Measurement in Windows 7


This tutorial works on both Windows 7 & Windows Vista. It shows everything there is know about customizing the display of dates, times, currency and measurement systems used by your computer.

Change the display of dates, times, currency, and measurements

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