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Build Great Charts in Excel with Chart Advisor


If you are working with lots of data and graphs on a regular basis, like most corporate geeks, then you should use Chart Advisor. This is a free tool from Microsoft Office Labs, helping you decide how to best create charts based on the data sets you’re working with.

Chart Advisor – Download Page

Tips on Using Chart Advisor & Communicating Data in a Visual Way

How to Add Exceptions to the Windows Firewall


If you are running Microsoft Security Essentials together with the Windows 7 Firewall instead of a commercial security solution, you might be interested in this tutorial. It shows how to add exceptions to the default set of rules used by the Windows Firewall.

How to Manage Windows Firewall Communication Rules

Case Study – How to Optimize Popular WordPress Sites


If you’ve got a WordPress site and your performance grade looks similar to the numbers in this picture, then you should give this case study a read. You’ll find some useful tips for how to optimize your website.

Optimizing Freeware Genius blog performance

Restore Hidden Updates in Windows 7 & Vista


If you have hidden a Windows Update to stop it from ever installing on your computer and you now want it back, check out this tutorial. The instructions apply to both Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

How to Manage Installed or Hidden Windows Updates

Install, Remove and HIDE Fonts in Windows 7


I know that managing fonts doesn’t seem a big deal with any Windows version. However, one interesting thing I’ve learned from this tutorial, is that Windows 7 allows you not only to install & remove fonts but also hide them. This can be done based on your system’s language settings. For example, if you switch from German to English or French, Windows 7 will not show/work with the fonts specific to the previous language and will enable/show the ones specific to the new language. Pretty cool, isn’t it? To learn more, read the tutorial recommended below.

How to Install, Remove and Hide Fonts in Windows 7

Download Videos from Hulu


We know some of our US readers are big fans of Hulu. If you are interested not only in streaming their movies but also in downloading them to your PC, then you should try StreamTransport – a free tool which helps you do this – and read this very useful tutorial.

StreamTransport (download page) | How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (tutorial by freeware genius)

Add a Custom Title in IE using Spybot or Spyware Blaster


Not a new trick but if you use IE and have either Spybot Search & Destroy or Spyware Blaster installed (likely),  you can add your own custom title. Sweet !

Geek Parents – Did you try Parental Controls in Windows 7?


If you are parents, trying to control how much time your children are spending on their PCs & what content they interact with, Windows 7 has a good solution for you. It is called Parental Controls and it can be enhanced using third party tools, so that you control all the computing activities you are interested in. 7 Tutorials has published a series which covers this area in a very professional way. A must read for all parents.

All You Need to Know About Parental Controls in Windows 7

Run Command Missing in Windows 7?

run command windows 7

Trying to figure out where the run command went in Windows 7? For some odd reason, Microsoft removed it from the Start Menu by default! Check out the post below to restore it.

Restore Run Command in Windows 7

The Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet

excel cheatsheet

Want to be an Excel guru at your office place? Or just impress the ladies with your mad vlookup and formula skills? The great people at InvestInTech have come up with the ultimate Excel cheatsheet and it’s awesome!!

Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet

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