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Get a Cleaner Google Reader


This Chrome extension removes clutter from your Google Reader interface and provides a better reading experience.

Google Reader Readable

Scott Hanselman’s Awesome List of Tools for Windows


One of the most comprehensive lists of tools we’ve ever seen, Scott Hanselman has compiled hundreds of links to useful programs. This is a page you’ll want to bookmark and send to your friends.

Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen

Quickly Add a Slider to Your Website with dualSlider


Ever visit a blog or website and marvel at the cool slider box that shows the “featured” posts? Well, it’s actually not very hard to add it to your own website or blog. dualSlider is a nifty site that makes the whole process of adding a slider a piece of cake.


Windows Media Player Plus! – Cool WMP Enhancer


If you are using Windows Media Player, then you should give Windows Media Player Plus! a try. This tool ads some cool features like: find as you type, additional context menus, a great tag editor, etc.

Windows Media Player Plus! (Download Page)

Four Reasons Why Windows Media Player Plus! is Worth a Download (Detailed tutorial about how to use it)

XPS file format & XPS Viewer Explained


Have you ever wondered what the XPS Viewer is & what it does? This article explains both the XPS file format and the XPS Viewer tool. You’ll learn what they are, what makes them useful and how to use them.

Handling XPS files with XPS Viewer

Draw Online using Harmony

online drawing tool

Harmony is a cool site where you can release your creativity in a very simple and elegant manner. The entire web page is a canvas and it is made up of some very cool brushes. Draw away!


OnlineOCR – Free OCR Service

online ocr

Looking for a free online OCR service? OnlineOCR is a free site where you can convert images, PDF docs and more into editable text or Word files. You have to create an account, which is slightly annoying, but otherwise it works well.


Create Advanced Mind Maps & Presentations with VUE


VUE – Visual Understanding Environment is an open source tool which mixes mind mapping with presentations. Therefore, you can make both a concept map and a presentation with one tool, without having to use Powerpoint. It reminds us of Prezi. The main difference is that this tool is free and can do more.

VUE – HomePage | Download Page (requires sign-up)

Aviary – Free Set of Editing Tools

free editing tools

Looking for a free online audio editor? What about a screen capture program? Or an image editor? Well, what if you had all those tools and more all on one site!? Aviary is a free site that you can use to edit images, generate color palettes, editor vector images, and lots more.


Compare the Environment of Two Computers using ENVy

compare settings two computers

Ever wanted to compare the environment variables, Internet Explorer settings, network configuration, processes, installed software on two different machines? ENVy is a cool programs that lets you do exactly that! Great for IT pros or developers.


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