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Analyze Your Website using Woorank


Want to analyze your own website or a competitors? Woorank is a cool website analysis tool that is very similar to Website Grader. It provides information on content, traffic, SEO, usability, servers, etc.


Repair Windows Media Player 12 with Fix WMP Utility


In case you are the type of geek using Windows Media Player 12 as your default media player and, for whatever reason it stops working, you might want to try Fix WMP Utility. This portable tool re-registers all the important .dll files used by WMP 12, so that it will work again.

Download Page | Fix WMP Utility product page.

Reduce the Size of a PDF File

reduce pdf file size

Ever end up with one of those PDF files with tons of images and other useless stuff that makes the file really large? Luckily, there are a few things you can do to significantly reduce the size of a PDF file, it will just take some extra work. Check out this article for step by step instructions.

Reduce PDF File Size

Find Out What Makes a Website Tick with Sitonomy


Ever wonder what kind of technology makes a certain website work? Does it use WordPress? What kind of web server (Apache, IIS, etc)? What programming language is it written in (.NET, PHP, etc)?

Sitonomy is a free service that helps you understand the various components of a website, such as hardware, software, advertising, programming languages, and lots more. Check it out!

Analyze Web Sites Using Sitonomy

Find Related Websites using SimilarSites

find similar sites

So you really like Tiny Hacker a lot? Or it’s parent blog, How-To Geek? Wish you could find more sites like these? Well you can! SimilarSites is a cool service that lets you type in the URL of a site you like and get back a list of sites that are similar! Go give it a shot with a couple of your favorite blogs.

Find Similar or Related Sites

Generate Your Own Barcode Online

make barcode

If you’re a real geek, you’ve probably already created a barcode that has your name encoded in it! If not, you should get crackin! Creating a barcode is easy and it’s a lot of fun scanning it away and watching your name pop up! If you need some quick barcodes for fun or for a small project, check out this article below.

Create Your Own Barcodes Online

Create Your Own Private Torrent to Share Large Files using uTorrent

share torrent files

Ever wanted to send a really large file to a family or friend? Maybe a 3 GB ISO file or something like that? You don’t have many options when it comes to files that size normally.

If you have some tech skills, you can create a private torrent file and use uTorrent to share it with anyone! Pretty neat!

How to Create a Private Torrent

Running Your Own Business? Make Sure You Have the Freelancer’s Toolset

freelancer toolkit

Running your own business? Well with all the awesome free stuff online these days, you can save tons on expenses by using free online tools to manage everything from your calendar to accounting to projects! Check it out!

Freelancer’s Toolset

HD Tune Monitors Your Hard Drive



Tiny app HD Tune monitors your hard drive’s S.M.A.R.T. health, temperature and can scan for errors. You can even benchmark your drive and measure performance. A Pro version is available too.

HD Tune Homepage

Download HD Tune Free

TweetMyPC – Remote Control Your PC Using Tweets


This is for all you Twitter geeks out there. Want to remote control PC using tweets? It turns out you can do it, using TweetMyPC. This little tool will help you do the following: Shutdown/Restart your PC, make screenshots, download files to your system, get files from your PC, and many other things.

TweetMyPC via I Love Free Software

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