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Using a Tablet? You might want to consider Windows Journal

If you are using a Tablet or Touchscreen computer with Windows 7, you might want to give Windows Journal a try. These tutorials cover in detail all there is to know about this cool little tool from Microsoft.

First Steps in Using Windows Journal

Using Windows Journal – Beyond the Basics

Microsoft’s “How Do I ?” Videos


Learn how to encrypt files, use AppLocker, install PowerShell and more with these easy to follow video tutorials. Mostly for Vista and Windows 7, there are a few videos for XP too.

Microsoft “How Do I ?” Videos

Convert the Quick Launch Bar into a Super Application Launcher

quick launch bar

Tired of downloading third-party application launchers? I’ve used them in the past, but could live without them. So why not create your own application launcher in Windows 7? Check out this guide to converting the Quick Launch bar into an app launcher!

Convert Quick Launch bar into Application Launcher

Understanding Windows one Snack at a time


Short and sweet lessons on MS products by MS professionals. Requires Silverlight.

Microsoft Learning Snacks

Install Snow Leopard on a PC using VMware

install mac os x on windows

Want to try out Mac OS X Snow Leopard on your Windows PC? Using VMware, which is virtualization software, you can manage to get Snow Leopard up and running with a few hacks. Check out the article below.

Install Snow Leopard on a PC

Quickly Create System Restore Point with a Shortcut

create restore point

One surefire way to make sure you can undo a bad install or fix a corrupt registry is to create a system restore point. Most people don’t do it manually because it’s a pain, but what if you can simply double-click a shortcut on your desktop? Read on to learn more…

Create System Restore Point with Desktop Shortcut

Windows Virtual PC Settings Explained


Continuing our tips on Windows Virtual PC and Windows 7, we would like to share with you another guide which presents all Windows Virtual PC Settings. This tutorials presents them one by one and explains the differences between all available options. If you want to make Windows Virtual PC work the way you want to, then this guide is definitely for you.

How to Configure Windows Virtual PC Settings

How to Install an Operating System in Windows Virtual PC


For those of you who are big fans of Windows 7 and the latest incarnation of Windows Virtual PC, the team from 7 Tutorials has published a very detailed tutorial on how to install an operating system in Windows Virtual PC. Not only this but it also explains what all available types of virtual hard disks are, how they work, what to choose, etc. Even though you are not a beginner geek, you might still find it useful.

How to Install an Operating System in Windows Virtual PC

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