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Disable Annoying Clicking Sound in IE

disable clicking in ie

Don’t you hate it when you’re browsing in Internet Explorer and you have to constantly hear that clicking sound!? Personally, it drives me mad and the clicking sound is still in all the latest versions of IE! Read the post below to finally turn it off!

Disable Clicking Sound in Internet Explorer

10 Awesome Facebook Tweaks

facebook tweaks

If you’re addicted to Facebook just like half the people in world are, then you may as well learn how to tweak it to work better. Lifehacker has written a great post on 10 Facebook tweaks like backing up your account, sending out a message after you die, and filtering your alerts.

10 Facebook Tweaks

What is Conhost.exe on Windows 7 Systems?


Curious what the new conhost.exe process does on your Windows 7 machine? Turns out it’s a fancy new tweak that enables drag & drop to your command prompt, since that didn’t work in Vista.

What is conhost.exe and Why Is It Running?

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