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Zoofs, find the most popular tweeted YouTube videos


Zoofs is an easy way to find popular YouTube videos that have been mentioned on Twitter. The site has viral and soon to be viral videos that can be filtered by date uploaded or by category.


Gadfly is a cool Twitter/Silverlight app


Slickly manage your tweets with Gadfly, a Twitter Silverlight client that offers both desktop and in-browser support. This app appears to have replaced Twitterlight, another Silverlight Twitter app brought to you by the same folks, Claritycon.

Download Gadfly

Follow Finder Finds You Twitter Users To Follow


Follow Finder is a new service by Google that lets you find Twitter users you might like.

Follow Finder

Penolo Lets You Share Sketches On Twitter


Penolo is a cool online tool that lets you share drawings and sketches on Twitter.


Out of 100 Tweeters



Via JunkCharts

Integrate Twitter and Delicious and Make Life Easier

twitter delicious

Are you always posting links to interesting stuff on your Twitter account? If so, you might be interested in a site called It basically follows your Twitter feed and automatically saves any link posted to your Delicious account. Could be useful for some people out there.

Integrate Facebook, Twitter into Gmail

facebook twitter gmail

Did you know that there is a way to integrate all your favorite sites into Gmail? For example, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, MySpace,, and more. Check out this article for adding sidebar widgets to Gmail.

Integrate Facebook, Twitter into Gmail

View Twitter from an Artist’s Perspective

twitter art

Want to explore Twitter in a completely new way? If you like art, you’ll like True Colours of Twitter. It’s a neat little online app that generates interactive art pieces based on the characteristics of a tweet, such as length, username, etc.

True Colours of Twitter

Find Your First Twitter Follower

first twitter follower

Want to know who was the first person to follow you on Twitter? If so, check out a nifty little site called FirstFollower. So if you have thousands and thousands of followers, it might be worth thanking that first one!


Create Twitter Backgrounds for Free using Twitlay

twitter backgroun

Want to create a background for your Twitter account? Just about everyone is doing that these days, so may as well join them! Twitlay is a service that lets you create your own Twitter backgrounds using your own pictures for free or have them design one for $50.


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