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Get a free copy of WinUtilities Pro


WinUtilities has a great collection of tools to keep your system running smoothly. The Pro version is offered as a free giveaway by Softpedia. Watch for the Ask Toolbar addition during installation. **The PRO version is NO LONGER offered free, only as a 31 day evaluation

WinUtilities Pro v9.69 via Softpedia

Add Multiple Tabs to Office Programs


OfficeTab is a really cool program that gives you a tabbed interface while working in Word, Excel or Powerpoint 2007. It’s free (though from a Chinese website) and is similar to the tabbed interface in the newest versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome. Definitely useful if you work with multiple files at once.

OfficeTab – Tabbed Document Support for Office

OnlineOCR – Free OCR Service

online ocr

Looking for a free online OCR service? OnlineOCR is a free site where you can convert images, PDF docs and more into editable text or Word files. You have to create an account, which is slightly annoying, but otherwise it works well.


Aviary – Free Set of Editing Tools

free editing tools

Looking for a free online audio editor? What about a screen capture program? Or an image editor? Well, what if you had all those tools and more all on one site!? Aviary is a free site that you can use to edit images, generate color palettes, editor vector images, and lots more.


Compare the Environment of Two Computers using ENVy

compare settings two computers

Ever wanted to compare the environment variables, Internet Explorer settings, network configuration, processes, installed software on two different machines? ENVy is a cool programs that lets you do exactly that! Great for IT pros or developers.


Merge Multiple PowerPoint Files into One

combine powerpoint files

Have several PowerPoint files that you want to combine into one file? PowerPoint Joiner is a nifty little program that lets you easily join many PowerPoint files into one big file.

Merge PowerPoint Presentations

Check How Trackable Your Browser is using Panopticlick


Ever wonder exactly how much information you browser gives to other sites while browsing the Internet? Panopticlick is a cool site that aims to figure out exactly how unique and trackable your browser really is. The higher your score, the more identifiable you are.


Got a Low Disk Space Warning Message?

low disk space

Running out of disk space on your computer? But you have a 200GB hard drive, where did all that space go!? Unfortunately, temp files, duplicate files, backups, etc can end up taking a lot of space over time. Read on to learn about analyzing the data on your hard drive to figure out what’s taking up the most space.

Low Disk Space Warning

Convert Any Webpage into a PDF using PDFMYURL


PDFMYURL is a free service that lets you convert any webpage into a PDF document and save it to your computer. Simply paste the URL and click the button. You can also drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar so you don’t have to visit the website.


Split MP3 Files online Using MP3Cut

cut mp3

Need to slice and dice an MP3 file for a project? MP3Cut is a nifty little online utility you can use to cut up MP3 files for free. Just upload, move the sliders to the portion you want to keep, and click Split and Download. Simple!


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