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Generate Icons using Iconizer

create icon

Looking for a quick way to generate some nice looking icons? Iconizer is a free service that lets you pick a category, pick a premade icon and then customize it if you like. They have a good collection of icons broken down into categories.


Format an SD Card Properly using SDFormatter

format sd card

How do you normally format your camera SD card? If you use the built-in format option on your camera, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t use Windows to format an SD card, at least according to the SD Association. Instead, if you want to prolong the life of your SD card, you should use SD Formatter, a free program that properly formats an SD or SDHC card according to official standards.

Properly Format SD Memory Card

Run Windows Apps on Mac OS X using WineBottler

run windows app on mac

If you’re a geek, you’ve probably already heard of Wine, the program that lets you run windows applications on Linux and Mac OS X. But have you heard of WineBottler? It’s another app written specifically for running Windows apps on Mac OS X. It’s in beta, but looks promising!


Share Files Easily Between PCs Using GBridge

share files

Looking for a way to remotely control another PC, share files, sync folders, or char securely? If so, Gbridge is your answer! It’s a free software based on Google’s GTalk service that creates an encrypted VPN connection between computers across the Internet.

Share Files Between Computers Over the Internet

Handbrake 0.9.4 Includes 64-bit Support

handbrake 64 bit

Handbrake, if you didn’t already know, is an awesome open-source video transcoder for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s absolutely great for converting DVDs into an appropriate format for your iPhone or Blackberry and the new version, 0.9.4 for Mac, supports 64-bit! You can transcode a DVD in real-time or faster! Sweet!

Handbrake 0.9.4

Scan your Hard Disk for Errors using Windows Surface Scanner


Windows Surface Scanner is a free utility that allows you to scan your hard drive for bad sectors and other types of errors. Even though hard drives have become much more reliable over the last decade, there are still many times when you will end up with a dud. It’s similar to chkdsk, but a lot faster. Also, it does not fix problems, only reports errors.

Windows Surface Scanner via Freeware Genius

Find Related Websites using SimilarSites

find similar sites

So you really like Tiny Hacker a lot? Or it’s parent blog, How-To Geek? Wish you could find more sites like these? Well you can! SimilarSites is a cool service that lets you type in the URL of a site you like and get back a list of sites that are similar! Go give it a shot with a couple of your favorite blogs.

Find Similar or Related Sites

Compare Two Text Files for Differences using P4Merge

compare two files

Ever ran into the situation where you had two text files and needed to figure out what was different between the two? There are lots of file comparison utilities out there and P4Merge is one of the better ones. It highlights the differences and also has several comparison methods, so you can exclude whitespace differences, etc.

Compare Two Text Files For Differences

Find What You Are Looking for Fast using Windows Grep

windows grep

grep originally was a command line utility used to search for text in files on UNIX. It’s also a popular search utility on Linux. And now you can use this powerful tool in Windows! Windows Grep is a simple to use text search utility that lets you search multiple files at once using regular expressions.

Search Multiple Text Files

Batch Rename Files using File Renamer Basic

file renamer

So you have a bunch of photos with stupid names like DSC000393 or IMG293933 right? Not very useful. Trying to rename each one would be a pain also. That’s where File Renamer Basic can help. Using this utility, you can quickly rename a bunch files with lots of options of prefixes, suffixes, or what you like.

How to Batch Rename Files

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