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Monitor a Website for Changes using ChangeDetection

monitor website for changes

Do you need to keep track of when a website adds new content or makes a change to one of their pages? For corporations, keeping track of what the competition is doing on their website is very important.

ChangeDetection is a service that lets you monitor a URL for changes and get alerts sent to you whenever something specific occurs, like a text change, etc.

How to Monitor Changes to a Website

Tweak Windows 7 using Little Tweaker

tweak windows 7

Got Windows 7? If so, check out Little Tweaker. It’s a really small utility that lets you activate a few useful settings in Windows 7. For example, you can add a Copy To or Move To option in the right-click context menu or take ownership of files right from Explorer.

Windows 7 Little Tweaker

Running Your Own Business? Make Sure You Have the Freelancer’s Toolset

freelancer toolkit

Running your own business? Well with all the awesome free stuff online these days, you can save tons on expenses by using free online tools to manage everything from your calendar to accounting to projects! Check it out!

Freelancer’s Toolset

Goodnight Timer Slowly Reduces Volume, Then Shuts Down Your PC


Do you like to listen to music or watch movies on your PC to help you get to sleep? If so, you might want to check out Goodnight Timer, which will automatically lower the volume slowly, and then turn off the PC when it’s done. Windows 7 / Vista users might need to use compatibility mode to make it work.

Goodnight Timer

Looking for a Good Registry Cleaner? Find It Here!

registry cleaners

Have you recently uninstalled a lot of software from your PC? If so, your computer may still have entries left over from those programs in the Windows registry. Or you may have a lot of entries in your registry that are never used. That’s where a good registry cleaner can help. Check out the list below!

Best Windows Registry Cleaners

Got Carpal Tunnel? Instead of Getting Off the PC, Install an App to Help!


Yeah, the title was a little sarcastic, but this application is actually rather useful. It prompts you every so often to take a break for a short amount of time, and even shows you how to do some exercises that will help prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).


Tweak the Windows 7 Taskbar Behavior the Easy Way


That’s right, just pop open 7 Taskbar Tweaker and change the settings to work the way you want. The really interesting thing is that you can set the middle click to close the windows, or the left click to cycle through the windows. Very useful.

7 Taskbar Tweaker

Make the XP Volume Control Look Like Windows 7


Jealous of the slick Windows 7 volume controls? You can get the same thing on XP with an add-on application that mimics the look & feel. Or you should just think about upgrading, Windows 7 is great!

Windows 7 Volume mod for XP

Use SIW To Look Under Your PC’s hood


SIW provides information about the hardware and software installed on your computer. From passwords to open ports to the date your battery was made, SIW puts hard to find system settings on your fingertips within seconds. Pro version for commercial users.


IPGeoInfo pinpoints where any IP is

sshot-5 sshot-6

In this case, Fayetteville, NC. IPGeoInfo will show your IP and search any entered IP address with results shown on a map, globally. 


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