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Infographics: The Growth of the Gaming Industry


More detailed infographics and data can be found here: Hear Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Share the Latest on the Gaming Industry’s Growth

The Evolution of PC Games

We’ve come a along way, baby.

Cool Tips and Tricks About the Games Folder in Windows 7

If you want to learn more about the Games folder/panel in Windows, how it works and a few tricks to solve some common problems, check these tutorials:

What is the Games Folder & How to Use It?

How to Delete Troublesome & Invalid Shortcuts from the Games Panel


How To Play Old Games on Windows 7 & Mac & Linux


Do you want to play old games like Doom, Dune or Duke Nukem on your modern PC & OS? An open source tool called DOSBox helps you do just that. DOSBox is a DOS-emulator which has been ported to many platforms such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X. It supports a huge list of games and you will have them working in no time. For all gaming geeks, this is a must have. For complete information, check out the links below.

DOSBox Information Page | DOSBox Setup and Installation | DOSBox Download Page

Zelda Classic Does Retro NES With New Quests


Zelda Classic is a complete PC game re-write of the ancient, but awesome, Legend of Zelda game for the NES console—but you can even download new quests, or build your own. It’s just loads of fun.

Zelda Classic

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