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Awesome Wallpapers for Superhero Fans

superhero wallpapers


Love your superheroes? Then you’ll love these collection of wallpapers.

11 Spectacular Wallpapers of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

9 Smashing HD Wallpapers of Captain America: Civil War

11 of the Most Mysterious High Definition Daredevil Wallpapers

Changing Wallpapers Automatically


This software for Windows can change wallpapers automatically for you, and offers a huge number of other customization options.


Get Cool Wallpapers with Bing Desktop

Even if you like the Bing search engine or not, you surely enjoy the photos shown on its page. This little free app can deliver all those beautiful wallpapers to your desktop and allow you to make Bing searches from the Desktop.

Bing Desktop Beta

Great Collection of Cheat-Sheet Desktop Wallpapers


A nice collection of code cheat-sheets to be used as desktop wallpapers.

Useful Collection of Cheat-Sheet Desktop Wallpaper for Web Designers

Create Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 7

desktop slideshow in windows 7 - 2

Learn how to create a desktop wallpaper slideshow in Windows 7.

How to Create Slideshow of Desktop Wallpapers in Windows 7

Firefox Flame Fractal Wallpaper


Out of this world.

Oxymoronical via mozilla links

10 Superb Firefox Wallpapers


We’re big fans of Mitch, publisher of Firefox Facts. He does a great job of keeping a worldwide community appraised of all things Firefox. Today, on a lighter note, he has put together 10 great Firefox themed wallpapers. Thanks Mitch !

10 Firefox Wallpapers

Awe inspiring, inter-galactic theme (Win 7)


Cool infrared pictures taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Download NASA Hidden Universe theme

Download Free iPad Wallpapers at iPad Decor


Get some nice wallpapers for your new iPad on this site.

iPad Decor

Download Wallpapers From National Geographic Site


Here’s a tool that lets you download wallpapers from the National Geographic site in bulk. It does eat a bit of CPU while doing that so keep checking.

NatGeo Downloader: Download National Geographic Wallpapers

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