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From WordPress to a Windows 8 App


A very interesting application that allows WordPress site owners to create a Windows 8 app for their blog without writing any code.

IdeaPress Open Source


A captcha that works for humans

A great project from Microsoft Research: ASIRRA

Via: Finally, a captcha that works for humans

How to View any RSS Feed in Full-Text

The title says it all. Very useful tutorial about a web app called Full Text RSS Feed Builder.

How to View Full Text of any RSS Feed

Search for Flights Faster with Hipmunk

better flight search

I’ve used a bunch of different websites for searching for flights over the past couple  of years and I was surprised to run across another site that made the experience better. Hipmunk is a nifty little flight search engine that makes finding the right flight a breeze. Check it out.

Hipmunk Flight Search

Get Your Website Stats via Email using Metric Mail

metric mail

Have you installed Google Analytics on your website, but never look at your stats? Or maybe you don’t understand what all of those numbers mean? Metric Mail is a cool service that logs into your Google account and sends you a weekly summary of your website’s stats.

Metric Mail

What to Look for in a Web Host


The guys from netuts+ recently published a very useful article about web hosts and the things you should look at before choosing one.

Wish I knew these tips my first time. Would have chosen differently.

19 Important Features to Look for in a Web Host

Identify Fonts using

identify fonts

Found a font in an image that you really like, but don’t have a clue what it is? Check out Either upload the image from your computer or specify a URL with the image you want to identify and you’re set!

Create Talking Photos using Fotobabble


Here’s an interesting little website. Fotobabble lets you upload a photo and then record audio to go with it. You can then easily share this with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Cool idea.


Need to Come Up with a Good Name? Try Wordoid


Wordoid is a nifty little service that helps anyone who needs to create a name for a product, service, domain, website or anything else. It generates natural sounding words and tells you if the domain is already taken or not.


Design Your Web Pages Using the Golden Ratio

golden ratio

Ever heard of the Golden Ratio? If not, it’s basically a ratio that they have found in everything that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Golden Ratio Calculator calculates this ratio for you so that you can use it in you web designs. Check it out!

Golden Ratio Calculator

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