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Create a Personal Website Quickly using

flavors me is a nifty little site that lets you quickly create an elegant looking website using your own personal content. It’s perfect for personal homepages or lifestreaming pages. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites and add that content to your website.

A Comparison of Four Popular Web Hosts

web hosting comparison

Need to choose a web hosting company for your new website? Overwhelmed by all the choices? Well, luckily there are a few that stand out above the rest. Check out this post that compares GoDaddy to HostGator to Media Temple to BlueHost.

Media Temple vs GoDaddy vs HostGator vs BlueHost

Mask Your Email Address from Spammers

hide email address

A quick and easy way to add your email address to a website without being bombarded with spam is to use an email image generator. Everyone can see your email address in the normal form, but it cannot be copied by spider or bots since it’s an image.

How to Mask Your Email Address

Fix Computer Problems Remotely using ShowMeWhatsWrong


ShowMeWhatsWrong is a very cool site that aims to help people create screen recordings of computer problems easily. Go to the site, type in your name and email and you’ll get a link that you send to a friend or family member who is having issues. They record a screen cast and you get an email to view. Easy as that.


Analyze Your Website using Woorank


Want to analyze your own website or a competitors? Woorank is a cool website analysis tool that is very similar to Website Grader. It provides information on content, traffic, SEO, usability, servers, etc.


Visit to Get Help Sleeping

rainy mood

Have trouble sleeping? Do natural sounds help you rest better? If so, visit All it does is play a 30-minute high quality loop of a thunderstorm with lots of rain. Making me sleepy already…

Rainy Mood

Generate a Color Palette from an Image using Pictaculous

color palette generator

Have an image in which you simply love the color combinations? Wish you could generate a color palette that matches those colors? Pictaculous is a cool service that lets you upload a picture and returns back several possible color palettes to match.


Follow Bill Gates on Twitter

bill gates twitter

If you’re a fan of Bill Gates, then you’ll be able to follow him more closely using his his Twitter account or his new website, The Gates Notes. It’s basically his notes and thoughts about global issues.

Bill Gates Twitter
The Gates Notes

Execute Code Online using Ideone

test code online

Ever wanted to test some PHP code without actually having PHP installed on your machine? What about Java or C or Perl, etc? is a cool site that lets you simple choose a programming language, paste code in, and execute it! Pretty cool!

Bypass Required Registration on Websites with BugMeNot


Ever end up on a website where you had to register in order to access the content or download the software? Pretty annoying right? BugMeNot is a cool website where people share logins to sites that require registration. Type in the URL and get a login! Easy!


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