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Create 3D Buildings in Google Earth using Building Maker

make buildings

If you’ve ever used Google Earth, you may have noticed that certain buildings are able to be viewed in full 3D! That’s because Google lets anyone create 3D renderings of buildings all across the world. How so? Using Building Maker! Check it out.

Google Building Maker

eBay Transaction Heat-map of Black Friday 2009

eBay Holiday_ Black Friday 2009

Ever wonder what happened at eBay on the day of Black Friday 2009? eBay has put out a nice interactive map of all the transactions happened all over the US. It’s kind of like a heat-map of transactions happened all over the US on Black Friday. US Northeast must have ranked on the top followed by East in general.

Take a look at the eBay Black Friday 2009 Transaction Heat Map.

Lookup Definitions of Words in 28 Languages using Google Dictionary

google dictionary

If you didn’t notice, Google has rolled out their own dictionary service which can give you the meaning of words in more than 28 different languages. You can also use it to translate words or phrases from or into English. It’s the usual super-clean Google interface and ultra-fast.

Google Dictionary

Create Drawings Online And Share Them With Others using FlockDraw


Ever have an idea that you wanted to share with friends, family, or colleagues, but can’t put into words? FlockDraw is a super sleek (and free) tool you can use to create great looking drawings fast and share them with others or embed them on your website. Check it out!


Search for Software and Programming Manuals Online

manuals search engine

Just got a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe Photoshop? Or maybe you want to learn how to code in Java or PHP? Whatever the case, check out Manuals Search Engine, a custom Google search engine that lets you quickly search through thousands of software, programming, and tech manuals online.

Manuals Search Engine

Listen to Music Based on What You are Doing

playlist now

Like to listen to different types of music when you are reading, eating, going to bed, or at a party? Playlist Now can make finding the right music for each situation as easy as searching. Just type in what you are doing and you a playlist to match!

Playlist Now

Create Your Own Abstract Wallpapers


We just discovered this very cool online application which allows you to create your own wallpapers, share them with others and download them straight to your computer. You mix up different elements and backgrounds, apply the effects you desire, insert some text and you are done. Also, you get to share from a huge list of available resolutions. Isn’t this cool? Also, it’s completely FREE and no registration required.

Create your own Wallpaper – X3 Studios

Find Out What Makes a Website Tick with Sitonomy


Ever wonder what kind of technology makes a certain website work? Does it use WordPress? What kind of web server (Apache, IIS, etc)? What programming language is it written in (.NET, PHP, etc)?

Sitonomy is a free service that helps you understand the various components of a website, such as hardware, software, advertising, programming languages, and lots more. Check it out!

Analyze Web Sites Using Sitonomy

Find Related Websites using SimilarSites

find similar sites

So you really like Tiny Hacker a lot? Or it’s parent blog, How-To Geek? Wish you could find more sites like these? Well you can! SimilarSites is a cool service that lets you type in the URL of a site you like and get back a list of sites that are similar! Go give it a shot with a couple of your favorite blogs.

Find Similar or Related Sites

The Webby Award Winners, All Best in Class Websites


Acknowledging outstanding websites in 70 categories, The Webby winners are all truly worthy sites to visit.  Games, blogs, banks, humor, activism, real estate, even ‘weird’ sites are represented.

The 2009 Webby Award winners

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