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The Web Goes on Strike!

Today we have the biggest online strike in the history of the Internet. Check out the unfiltered list of websites going on strike and how to join the protests.


Free Webcast on the Complexity of the Home Network

Digital Photo Lab (#46099)

Want to find out just how complex home networks are? How many computers per network, how they are secured, what other devices are connected to it, most common problems? Then register for this free webcast and find out on August 23rd.

Webcast: The Complex Anatomy of the Home Network

Awesome Free eBook – Killer Web Apps

Free Ebook With Guiding Tech Newsletter

The Guiding Tech blog, whose articles we frequently link to here on Tiny Hacker, launched their newsletter last week. And they are giving away a cool free ebook as a bonus for subscribing to their newsletter. Don’t miss it!

Free eBook – 21 Killer (and Free) Web Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

P.S – 1. If you are visiting the above link for the first time, you might get a pop up asking you to do the same (i.e subscribe to the newsletter). You could either do it on the pop up or on the page. Both work.

2. Make sure you CONFIRM your registration to the newsletter by hitting the confirm link you will get in your email after you subscribe. The eBook will be sent to you only after your confirmation.

Have you joined the Office365 Beta?

Microsoft’s next online business collaboration platform, is receiving lots of praise. One of the many examples is this post from Ed Bott. Therefore we decided to sign up for its beta. You might want to try it too.

Microsoft Office365 | Screenshots gallery from ZDNet

Hardly Working: Productivity In The Workplace

Source: Infograph About Productivity In The Workplace Or Lack Thereof

Web Designers vs Web Developers

Source: I Love Charts

Are you working with Project Managers?

Project Management

The Corporate Geek blog is making a study about the image of the project management profession. If you have worked with project managers and want to share your impressions about working with them, help them out and fill this quick 2 minute survey.

Study on the Image of the Project Management Profession

Infographic – Google’s Acquisition Appetite

Google Acquisitions.

Research by

Al Gore invented the Interwebs, a series of Tubes


via Social Media Graphics

What to Look for in a Web Host


The guys from netuts+ recently published a very useful article about web hosts and the things you should look at before choosing one.

Wish I knew these tips my first time. Would have chosen differently.

19 Important Features to Look for in a Web Host

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