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Can’t Open RAW Photos in Windows & Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Solve your problems with the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack. Complete instructions on how it works can be found here: How to View RAW Pictures In Windows Live Photo Gallery and Fix Weird Errors

Windows Live Mesh can use a Dropbox-like setup

Are you tired of Dropbox and you want to try something else? But… do you enjoy its “one sync folder” simplicity?

How to Create a Dropbox-like Setup for Windows Live Mesh

Good news about Microsoft’s SkyDrive

SkyDrive Introduces New Features – Sets Out to Compete With Dropbox, Google Docs

Get a Windows Live ID with Any Email Address

Windows Live ID

You may not realize this, but you can use Windows Live with any email address, not just an @hotmail address. I was completely unaware that you could do it until I read the article from the excellent Simple Help blog, which you should subscribe to.

Windows Live ID | via Simple Help

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