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How to Customize the Favorites Shortcuts in Windows Explorer

Very useful tutorial about Windows Explorer in Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

How to Manage & Use the Favorites in Windows Explorer

Advaced Power Plan Configuration in Windows

Have you ever wondered what each of the items included in a power plan mean? This tutorial explains all of them in detail, so that you can tweak any power plan to your liking.

How to Tweak the Advanced Settings of a Power Plan

Desktop Gadgets Discontinued – Now What?

Last month, Microsoft decided to discontinue their desktop gadgets gallery and the support for these mini-applications. Where Windows 7 & Windows Vista users can now get access to good gadgets?

This article aims to help and shares two of the remaining sources of gadgets, plus a roundup of great gadgets you might want to try.

The Best Remaining Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

How to use the Device Manager

This very detailed tutorial, explains how to use the Device Manager included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Check it out!

Find Missing Drivers & Hidden Devices with Device Manager

Windows 7 & Vista: Configure Windows Explorer Viewing Templates

Are you annoyed by the fact that Windows Explorer doesn’t show certain folders using the viewing template you want (e.g. Large Icons instead of Details or Tiles instead of Content)? This tutorial shows how to fix this problem. Forever!

Configure the Default Viewing Templates in Windows Explorer to be as YOU Want Them!

Sticky Notes – a cool little tool for Windows 7 & Vista


Sticky Notes is one of the underrated applications in both Windows 7 & Windows Vista. If you want to know what it can do and some cool little tips on how to use it, check out these two articles.

How to use Sticky Notes

Useful Tips & Tricks for Sticky Notes

How to Manage Partitions in Windows 7/Vista


This useful tutorial shows how to work with the Disk Management utility so that you can do whatever you want to your partitions: create new ones, delete existing partitions, shrink or extend partitions, changed drive letters and labels, etc. The tutorial works for both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to Manage Your Disks using the Disk Management Utility

How to Fix the Windows 7/Vista Startup


If you are having problems with your Windows 7/Vista startup, then you might want to use the Startup Repair tool. This tutorials shows how and when to use the tool to fix your problems. Very useful when your Windows refuses to boot properly.

Fix Windows 7 using Startup Repair

Add “Up to Parent Folder” button in Windows Explorer


If you miss the “Up to Parent Folder” button from Windows XP, then give this tip a read. It shows how to add this button back to Windows Explorer, on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to add a “go up to parent folder” button in explorer for Windows 7 and Vista

Customize Everything Related to Dates, Times, Currency and Measurement in Windows 7


This tutorial works on both Windows 7 & Windows Vista. It shows everything there is know about customizing the display of dates, times, currency and measurement systems used by your computer.

Change the display of dates, times, currency, and measurements

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