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Restore Hidden Updates in Windows 7 & Vista


If you have hidden a Windows Update to stop it from ever installing on your computer and you now want it back, check out this tutorial. The instructions apply to both Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

How to Manage Installed or Hidden Windows Updates

The Public Folder Demystified (Win 7 & Vista)


Ever wondered what the Public folder is in Wondows Vista & Windows 7? If you did, check out this article. It answers this question and also shares some scenarios where you might want to use it.

What is the Public Folder & How to Use it

Make Windows Vista & Windows 7 Work in the same Network


If you’ve got a home network which has computers with both Windows Vista and Windows 7, then this guide will be of interest. It shows how to configure the network and sharing settings on both operating systems so that you can easily share and access files across your network.

Sharing Between Windows Vista and Windows 7 Computers

Windows 7 vs Windows Vista: the UAC Benchmark


Personally, I’m a big fan of UAC (User Account Control) and the additional security it brings to the world of Windows. And one of the things I enjoy about Windows 7 is the fact that Microsoft tweaked a lot the number of UAC prompts, versus Windows Vista. If you want to know by how much, check out this very interesting benchmark. The Conclusion? In Windows 7 you have both good security and a more pleasant user experience.

Windows 7 vs Windows Vista: the UAC Benchmark

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