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Analysis: The Ribbon in Windows 8 is More Efficient

According to this interesting study, the ribbon interface as used in Windows 8, is more efficient than the old interface paradigm we’ve grown used to in Windows XP. Check out this study for details and don’t hesitate to share your take.

Windows 8 Analysis – Is the New Ribbon Interface More Efficient?

Enable Remote Desktop in XP Remotely

remote desktop remotely

If you’re an administrator, it’s useful to be able to remotely log into a users PC via remote desktop. However, you have to make sure remote desktop is enabled on a Windows XP machine before you can connect. Here’s how to remotely enable remote desktop on an XP machine.

Remotely Enable Remote Desktop on Windows XP

Disable Automatic Reboot during System Crash

automatic restart

By default, Windows will restart if the the system crashes. This means you might see a blue screen with an error message for a second or two before it disappears. If you want to see the error message, you have to disable automatic reboot.

Disable Automatic Reboot after System Crash

How to use XP Mode in Windows 7

windows xp mode

Certain versions of Windows 7 have a neat feature called XP Mode that basically lets you run Windows XP inside a virtual machine within Windows 7 in order to run older applications. You can read this post on how to setup XP Mode in Win 7.

XP Mode Windows 7

Connect to a XP Printer from Windows 7

xp to windows 7 printer sharing

Being in IT, one common question I’ve been getting is how to print to a printer connected to a Windows XP machine from Windows 7? Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes not. Read the tutorial below to learn how to share a printer from XP to Win 7.

Share a Printer Between XP and Windows 7

A to Z Index of the Windows XP Command Line

windows xp command line

Think you are a command line Guru in Windows XP? Well, test yourself and see how many commands you actually know! Can you create a Windows shortcut from the command line? Or add a new environment variable? Check out this list of all command prompt commands.

Windows XP Command Line

Transfer File and Settings from XP to Windows 7

windows easy transfer

Are you migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7? If so, you have to perform a clean install of Windows 7, which means you need to properly backup all your files and settings before the installation. Luckily, you can do this with Windows Easy Transfer. Read on to learn more.

Migrate From XP to Windows 7

How to Fix Master Boot Record Errors in XP and Vista

fix mbr

Ever start up your computer and get an error message like “Missing operating system” or “Error loading operating system”? Well, don’t worry, it’s usually just a corrupted or damaged Master Boot Record (MBR). Once fixed, everything loads fine. Read on.

Fix MBR in XP and Vista

Make the XP Volume Control Look Like Windows 7


Jealous of the slick Windows 7 volume controls? You can get the same thing on XP with an add-on application that mimics the look & feel. Or you should just think about upgrading, Windows 7 is great!

Windows 7 Volume mod for XP

How To Get Aero Glass on Windows XP


That’s right, you can actually get an application that gives you Aero Glass on your Windows XP machine. Basically, after installing it will modify your title bars to make them look like they are running Aero, complete with the transparent effects. Neat!

Border Skin

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