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Post-PC or Not Post-PC?

No Post PC

Tom Warren’s interesting post on why there’s no such thing as post-PC.

There’s no such thing as post-PC

Testing Hardware of Used PC

5 Ways to Test the Hardware of Your New or Used PC

Here’s how to test the hardware of a used PC (or a new one for that matter) to make sure it works.

5 Ways to Test the Hardware of Your New or Used PC

When Did You Install a Windows Program or App?


If you need to figure out when you installed a certain program or app in Windows, here’s how to do it:

When Was a Program or App Installed in Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Remote Desktop Connections from OS X Mountain Lion to Windows PCs


Earlier versions of Mac OS X were able to establish remote desktop connections to Windows PC’s using the free Remote Desktop Connection tool from Microsoft but this tool does not work on OS X Mountain Lion. Here are a few free alternatives you can use instead; they work also with Windows 8 devices.

4+ Free Tools for Making Remote Connections from Macs to Windows PCs


Is Microsoft really becoming irrelevant?


Gartner says “Yes!” but Ed Bott looks at their numbers, does a different math and says “No!”. A fun read if you ask me:

Microsoft, Google, and Apple: Which one faces doom in 2017?


Avira Internet Security 2013 – A Detailed Review


Avira provides a good, free antivirus but what about its commercial offering? Is Avira Internet Security 2013 any good?

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Avira Internet Security 2013


Learn How Much Space Windows Applications are Using


A nice article sharing some good tips for Windows 7 and Windows 8: 3 Ways to Learn How Much Space Windows Applications are Using

How to Create Free Custom Ringtones for Any Smartphone


Learn all the details from this tutorial on how to use Ringtone Maker. The tool works for all major platforms, from Windows Phone to Android and iOS.

Create Free Custom Ringtones for Any Smartphone with Ringtone Maker



Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 Review



Many use Comodo’s free security products. But do they make also good commercial security solutions? Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 – is it worth buying?

Learn this and more, from this thorough review: Security for Everyone – Reviewing Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013

The Most Awesome Features of the SkyDrive Web App

1-13-2013 6-58-53 PM

Really good reasons to give SkyDrive a try: 10 Reasons Why the SkyDrive Web App is Awesome

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