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How to Fetch Files From Any of Your Computers with SkyDrive

SkyDrive can be set to give you remote access to all the files found on your computers where the application is installed. This feature is handy in many situations.

How to Fetch Files Remotely from Your Computers Using SkyDrive

Awesome: SkyDrive gets a Recycle Bin!

The SkyDrive service from Microsoft keeps getting better.

Details here: New SkyDrive recycle bin available today and Excel surveys coming soon

Can’t Open RAW Photos in Windows & Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Solve your problems with the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack. Complete instructions on how it works can be found here: How to View RAW Pictures In Windows Live Photo Gallery and Fix Weird Errors

Troubles with a NET Framework Installation? Use this Verification Tool

The .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool can be used to solve issues with any .NET Framework installation. More info about how it works can be found here:
.NET Framework Setup Verification Tool – Verify integrity of .NET installation


Make a Microsoft Signature PC by Yourself

Complete step by step instructions can be found here: How to Transform a Windows PC Into a Microsoft Signature PC

Place a Shortcut for the Shut Down Windows Menu on Your Desktop

Download from here: Download the Shortcut for the “Shut Down Windows” Menu


How does TrueCrypt System Encryption Impact Performance?

Learn the answer from this quick analysis: What is the Performance Impact of System Encryption With TrueCrypt

Cool Tip: Set Custom Icons and Labels for Removable Drives


Geek fun.  🙂

How to Set A Custom Icon & Label For Removable Drives (Memory Sticks, Hard Disks, etc)

What is a Service in Windows?

This in-depth tutorial explains what are Windows services, what is their role in the operating system and how to manage them.

What Are Windows Services, What They Do & How To Manage Them

Hack Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Sync Your Sticky Notes

Awesome hack: How to Sync Sticky Notes Across Users and Computers in 7 Steps

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