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Belkin AC 1000 DB – Is it worth buying an AC Wi-Fi router?


Learn the answer to this question and more, from this review:

Reviewing the Belkin AC 1000 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router


Wireless Router Review – ASUS RT-N56U

ASUS claims this is the world’s fastest wireless router. Is it really that fast? Learn this and more, from this review:

Reviewing the ASUS RT-N56U – Is it Really the Fastest Wireless Router?

The Coming Spectrum Shortage (USA)


CNN Money via Consumerist

Doing Cool Stuff With Your Wireless Networks

Did you know that you can place your wireless network connections in a list of priorities and have Windows  7 connect to them in the order you specified? Or, have you been wondering how to stop Windows  from connecting automatically to a network?

Answers to these questions and some others, can be found in this tutorial: Geek Tips for Managing Connections to Wireless Networks

Fixing wireless network connections which stop working

Do you have problems with a wireless network which, all of a sudden stopped working? Check out this troubleshooting guide.

Fix Troublesome Wireless Connections by Removing their Profile

Want to Build Your Own Wireless Home Network?

There’s a book on the market about building small wireless networks for your own home. Check out this review to see if it is any good.

Reviewing Wireless Home Networking for Dummies

Why we miss Leo Laporte daily on TechTV

Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks from Windows 7


We’re sure all TinyHacker readers know how to connect to wireless networks from their Windows 7 laptops. However, when it comes to connecting to hidden wireless networks, things might get a bit more tricky. We’ve found a pretty good tutorial which shows you how to do this, step by step. So, if you ever visit the house of  geek who’s ‘paranoid’ enough to hide his wireless network, you know how to do it.

How to Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks

Cannot Connect to Wireless Network Due to Certificate Error?

certificate error

Ever run into the following error when trying to connect to a wireless network?

Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network

If so, there’s a really simple way to fix your problem! Check out the article below for details.

Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network

Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


This free tool helps you turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your connection with others. Connectify is free to use but you have to register before downloading it.

Connectify via PC World

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