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Download YouTube Music to Your iPod

youtube mp3 ipod

There are tons of music videos on YouTube, but getting them from there to your iPod can be a tricky task. Download the video, extract the audio, convert it to MP3, then sync it. Or you can try FetchMP3, which does those first three steps for you!

Download YouTube Music to iPod

TubeSort: YouTube Playlist Organizer


TubeSort organizes YouTube playlists in an interface similar to that of iTunes.


Zoofs, find the most popular tweeted YouTube videos


Zoofs is an easy way to find popular YouTube videos that have been mentioned on Twitter. The site has viral and soon to be viral videos that can be filtered by date uploaded or by category.


Check the Average Speed of YouTube Videos You’ve Watched


No downloads, no buttons to push, just visit the link below to find out the average speed you’ve been watching YouTube videos the last month as compared to your ISP, state and country.

The Ultimate Guide For YouTube Lovers


Here’s a super-comprehensive YouTube Guide that has a huge number of YouTube tips and tricks. A detailed article worth sharing and bookmarking.

YouTube Guide: Best YouTube Tips, Hacks & Resources

Download YouTube Videos Easily using 3outube

download youtube video

Looking for a super fast and easy way to download YouTube videos? might be your answer. While watching the video, simply replace the “http://www.y” part of the URL with the number “3”. Bam! Download link will appear and you have your video.

Super Cool Video ‘The Known Universe’ by The American Museum of Natural History


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