What’s New in Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 – Is it worth buying?


7 Tutorials have resumed their series of reviews for security products and they started with Bitdefender Internet Security 2014. Here’s what they had to say about it in this very detailed review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

Muppets Most Wanted — Outrage



Hysterical trailer for new Muppet movie, watch it, don’t be ignrent.

iPhone Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Like this one for seeing the full time stamp in iMessage: swipe from right to left while viewing a chat. Find this and twenty other popular tips and tricks at the most excellent Business Insider site.

Depressed Alien, a new webcomic


A young artist’s (extra)terrestrial feelings drawn thrice weekly.

Depressed Alien

Depressed Alien RSS feed

Virus Total’s Browser Extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer


Install Virus Total’s small addon to swiftly upload a file to be scanned for malware or even right click a link. Practicing safe browsing just got a little bit easier.

Download VirusTotal’s browser extensions

Are you looking for a good Windows 8.1 book?

Windows 8.1 Step by Step

If you plan to use Windows 8.1 any time soon or you want to buy a PC or device with Windows 8.1, you should consider buying a good book for Windows 8.1. Our friends from 7 Tutorials recently launched their Windows 8.1 Step by Step book, with Microsoft Press. More details about what’s inside the book, how much it costs and where to get it, can be found in this blog post:

Windows 8.1 Step by Step

Crowdfunded TrueCrypt Audit


Two researchers have initiated a crowdfunded security audit of TrueCrypt, probably the most popular encryption tool out there for end users, after the revelations that NSA might have been successful in subverting encryption standards.

TrueCrypt to go through a crowdfunded, public security audit

Nexus 5 and Google


An interesting take by The Verge on how the Nexus 5 is more of a Google phone than an Android one.

The Nexus 5 isn’t pure Android, it’s pure Google

Quickly Share Big Files On the Web


Some useful sites to share large files.

5 Free Sites to Send Large Files Easily, No Sign Up Needed

Using Windows 8.1 Productively

windows 8.1 tips

Some tips and tricks for using Windows 8.1 productively.

Top 8 New Windows 8.1 Productivity Tips and Features

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