Defend Your Computer !


Simple, easy to follow instructions from Microsoft for a beginner or any loved one.

In .pdf or .xps

Defend Your Computer Consumer Brochure

Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide for Consumers


90 pages chock full of information on IE9. Charts, graphs and stats on Redmond’s most ambitious browser to date. Available in .xps or .pdf download.

IE9 Product Guide

20 Essential Windows 7 Shortcuts


Including a few you don’t know (hopefully).

20 Essential Windows 7 Shortcuts

BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Delivers Good Improvements

Autumn is the season when most vendors of security solutions release new versions. The Romanian provider – BitDefender – makes no exception. They recently released their 2011 versions which bring plenty of improvement vs. their 2010 editions. If you want to know what changes BitDefender Internet Security 2011 brings and how good it fares, check out this thorough review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing BitDefender Internet Security 2011

10 Years of Apple



Interesting Microsoft Facts

Online MBA Programs
An interesting infographic about Microsoft.


Xmarks is Dead, Long Live Sync


Popular multi-browser bookmark sync tool Xmarks is closing shop soon, here are their alternative recommendations. We’d buy them breakfast if we could, they’ve saved our bacon on more than one occasion. Foxmarks/Xmarks will be remembered as a success story, not a failure. The ultimate compliment is to have your extension incorporated into the browser, and Xmarks joins the ranks of session restore, spell check and many others. Below is the link to the announcement,

Xmarks Blog

An Amazing Little Tool for Creating Your Own Characters

I’ve always wondered what the Private Character Editor tool from Windows 7 did but never bothered to investigate. The author of this article took the time to play with the tool and describe all its features. It turns out Private Character Editor is a actually fun and useful. Check this article to learn more.

Create Your Own Characters with Private Character Editor

Extraordinary Architecture, 20 Unique Homes


This one is in Rotterdam.

via MatadorLife

CleanHaven – easy text clean up and manipulation

If you work with lots of text which needs cleanup before publishing in a certain format, then CleanHaven is the tool to go to. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

CleanHaven – product page

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