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Fix Common Task Manager Problems

windows task manager

The Task Manager in Windows is a great tool to find out information about Windows Processes, Performance, and the local network. However, there can be times when you run into problems like the task manager being disabled or loading with no tabs or menus. Read on to learn the fixes.

Fix Common Task Manager Problems

Fix the MBR in Windows 7

fix mbr

Sometimes the MBR (Master Boot Record) in Windows can become corrupt and cause scary errors like “Operating System not Found”. Luckily, it’s usually an easy fix since you just have to re-write over the corrupted MBR. Check out the post below for steps in Windows 7.

Fix MBR in Windows 7

Quickly Add a Slider to Your Website with dualSlider


Ever visit a blog or website and marvel at the cool slider box that shows the “featured” posts? Well, it’s actually not very hard to add it to your own website or blog. dualSlider is a nifty site that makes the whole process of adding a slider a piece of cake.


Make Free Calls in the US using Gmail

make free calls from gmail

Gmail just keeps getting better and better! Now you can install a plugin and make free calls to both the US and Canada directly from Gmail. That’s pretty sweet. You can also call International for pretty decent rates too. Looks like someone is trying to compete with Skype!

Make Free Calls from Gmail

Enable Remote Desktop in XP Remotely

remote desktop remotely

If you’re an administrator, it’s useful to be able to remotely log into a users PC via remote desktop. However, you have to make sure remote desktop is enabled on a Windows XP machine before you can connect. Here’s how to remotely enable remote desktop on an XP machine.

Remotely Enable Remote Desktop on Windows XP

Search for Flights Faster with Hipmunk

better flight search

I’ve used a bunch of different websites for searching for flights over the past couple  of years and I was surprised to run across another site that made the experience better. Hipmunk is a nifty little flight search engine that makes finding the right flight a breeze. Check it out.

Hipmunk Flight Search

Get Your Website Stats via Email using Metric Mail

metric mail

Have you installed Google Analytics on your website, but never look at your stats? Or maybe you don’t understand what all of those numbers mean? Metric Mail is a cool service that logs into your Google account and sends you a weekly summary of your website’s stats.

Metric Mail

Fix Generic Host Process for Win32 Error

generic host process error

One common problem I’ve seen on several of my Windows machines is a Generic Host Process for Win32 Services error. It comes up during startup a lot and is basically annoying. You can read the post below to fix this problem if you have it.

Fix Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error

Run Any Browser Directly from the Web


Want to quickly test your website in IE 6 or Firefox 2 or Google Chrome 5 or Safari 4 or Opera? Spoon is a cool website that lets you run specific versions of the popular web browsers directly in your web browser via a plugin. Great for geeks like me.

Spoon Browser Sandbox

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