Surreal Territory theme (Windows 7)


You can’t help but notice these theme packs are getting better and better.

Surreal Territory theme

Feeling a little deflated?


A little is good, a lot could be devastating.


Windows 7 Firewall & Microsoft Security Essentials – Can they Replace Commercial Solutions?

Speaking of Microsoft Security Essentials and its recent update7 Tutorials has published a review of this solution and tested if, together with the Windows 7 firewall, it can be a worthy alternative to commercial solutions.

The conclusion? Read for yourself.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing the Windows 7 Firewall & Microsoft Security Essentials

Best Blogs of 2010

best blogs list

Check out TIME magazine’s list of best blogs of 2010.

Best Blogs of 2010 – TIME

Find Duplicate Photos On Your PC With VisiPics


A nice software for finding and eliminating duplicate images on your computer.

Find duplicate images with Visipics

Google Maps Labs Features You Should Know

google maps labs

Google Maps Labs has some really cool features. Check them out.

9 Awesome Google Maps Labs Feature You Should Know About

Chrome Fastball

chrome fastball

Chrome Fastball is a flash based YouTube video game created by Google to promote the Flash integration feature in Chrome.

Chrome FastBall [via Mashable]

Firefox Flame Fractal Wallpaper


Out of this world.

Oxymoronical via mozilla links

TinEye Reverse Image Search browser extension (Firefox/Chrome)


Ah, one we’ve been waiting for. Right click on any picture on the web and TinEye will scan over one billion images for a match. The results will even include a URL good for 24 hours so you can share. Brilliant idea !

TinEye Firefox addon

TinEye Chrome extension

TinEye homepage

The Republic of Facebook


The Facebook Economy via Visual Economics

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