Find the Differences between Two Text Files using Diff Checker

text file differences

Instead of downloading software to your computer, you can visit a website for free to compare and find the differences between two text files. DiffChecker is a nifty little site that is very useful for developers, coders and the like.

Compare Text Files for Differences

Read the Best Magazine Articles Ever

online reading

Like to read magazines? If so, you might be interested in this little collection of the some of the best magazines articles ever written. It has articles that range from 1945 all the way to 2009. Check it out.

Best Magazine Articles Ever

Perform a Search from the Firefox Toolbar

firefox toolbar search

One of my favorite features of the Google Chrome browser is the omnibar. You can type a web address or you can simply type in keywords to perform a search. With a little bit of tweaking, you can also perform Google searches from the Firefox toolbar. Read on to learn how.

Perform Google Searches from Firefox Toolbar

Download All Tagged Photos in Facebook

download tagged photos

Have you ever been tagged by a friend in a photo? Probably so! What if you wanted to collect all those tagged photos of yourself or a friend and save them on your computer? It would be a royal pain to browse through multiple photo albums from different friends. Instead, use PhotoGrabber.

Download Tagged Photos in Facebook

Much in life is cyclical, Mr. Market is no different


It often pays to be a contrarian.

via MarketTalk

Spell check whole pages (Firefox)


Spell Checker highlights spelling errors on whole pages, not just text boxes. A simple click on a the Spell Check icon will reveal any mistakes found on a page. Dozens of downloadable dictionary languages available here.

Spell Checker v1.3.2

Sticky Notes – a cool little tool for Windows 7 & Vista


Sticky Notes is one of the underrated applications in both Windows 7 & Windows Vista. If you want to know what it can do and some cool little tips on how to use it, check out these two articles.

How to use Sticky Notes

Useful Tips & Tricks for Sticky Notes

Block or Unblock attachments in Outlook (beta)


Tiny app Outlook Security Configurator painlessly allows you to block/unblock attachments in Outlook 2002-2010. This is beta software but works beautifully.

Outlook Security Configurator v.1 via Slipstick

What to Look for in a Web Host


The guys from netuts+ recently published a very useful article about web hosts and the things you should look at before choosing one.

Wish I knew these tips my first time. Would have chosen differently.

19 Important Features to Look for in a Web Host

Disk Usage – Folder size from the command line

Disk Usage Folder Properties 201007

This is for true geeks and network admins: how to use Disk Usage from Windows Sysinternals to calculate size from the command line.

Disk Usage (Download Page)

Calculate folder size from the command line (Tutorial)

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