Editing VHD images with Windows 7′s Disk Management tool


Did you know you can mount and edit ‘.vhd’ (virtual hard disk) images with Windows 7′s Disk Management tool?

If you are working with lots of virtual images, then this tip might come in handy.

Disk Management – How to Mount and Unmount VHD Images

Awesome Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Some really cool keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7.

15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts That Might Surprise You

Key Ring Lets You Store Your Loyalty Card Info On Your Cellphone

key ring

Key Ring app for iPhone lets you store all your loyalty cards at one place using bar code scanner technology.

Key Ring App

Understanding Rootkits & How They Work


A guide to rookits and how they could infect your computer.

What is a Rootkit and How it Infects your PC

History of The Beatles as told by their hair



Software Giveaway – 5 free licenses of TidySongs


TidySongs helps you keep your music library organized and under control. It helps you remove duplicate songs, find album artwork, fix misspelled song information, find missing artist and genre information and a whole lot more. The cool thing is it does all these without you doing much. Just install it and let it do the work for the most part.

DemoGeek.com is giving away 5 free licenses of TidySongs. Currently it sells for $39 but you can secure a free copy of TidySongs just by leaving a comment at the post at DemoGeek.com or by tweeting about this free software giveaway. Don’t delay, you have until August 6th to enter for a chance to win a free license of TidySongs.

Enter for a change to win a free license of TidySongs.

Top 4 signs your HDTV is not properly configured


Even thought high definition TV’s are getting cheaper and cheaper these days it is still not that cheap just ignore them. Once you’ve put your money down on a decent HDTV it’s a natural expectation to get the most out of it. You would certainly love to enjoy every bit of the TV experience. Not if your HDTV is configured improperly. Follow these simple steps to configure your HDTV in a proper way so you get to experience watching TV a lot better.

Tune your HDTV properly

Extend Safari with Extensions

safari 5 extensions

We all love Firefox because it can so easily be modified and molded by using extensions. Safari 5 supports extensions now and already has nice collections of useful add-ons. Check out the gallery below.

Safari Extensions Gallery

Run Windows Programs Inside Ubuntu

wine for linux

Want to run a few Windows programs on your Ubuntu install? You can use a program called Wine to install certain Windows applications on Ubuntu. Read this in-depth tutorial to learn how.

Run Windows Applications on Ubuntu

Move the Close, Maximize and Minimize buttons


By default, the close, maximize and minimize buttons for any window are on the right hand side. But what if you are one of the few that would prefer to have those buttons on the left hand side? LeftSider is your app!


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