Comodo Internet Security – How Good It Actually Is?


If you are wondering about Comodo Internet Security and how good this solution is, then check out this review. It tests all features offered by Comodo and shares the results from the perspective of a normal user, without a background in security.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Comodo Internet Security

The London Underground in Real Time


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Win Windows® 7 Inside Out & Get a Discount at O’Reilly


For all you Windows geek, we’ve found cool competition + discount offer. Check this out if you want to know how to win a copy of Ed Bott’s Windows® 7 Inside Out, and also get a discount of up to 50% on O’Reilly books.

Win the Best Windows 7 Book & Get 40-50% Discount on O’Reilly Books

Very Cool Cassette Tape Artwork


Ghost in the Machine’s flickr page

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Dazzboard is a Multi-Device Sync Solution


Dazzboard is an online browser-based tool that can sync your photos, music and videos across mobile phones, computers, mp3 players etc.


Easily Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video

powerpoint to video

A free tool to convert PPT presentations to video, and also upload them to YouTube directly.

How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Video For Free

Capture Entire Webpages With This Chrome Extension

webpage screenshot

A cool extension for chrome that can help you capture the screenshot of an entire webpage in one click.

Webpage screenshot chrome extension

Using HomeGroup To Share Files In Windows 7


Use HomeGroup to enable quick and easy file sharing among PCs using Windows 7.

Quickly Share Files Between PCs Using HomeGroup in Windows 7

Easiest Way To Create A System Repair Disc In Windows 7

windows 7 system repair disc

Here’s the fastest and easiest way to create a system repair disc in Windows 7.

How To Easily Create a System Repair / Recovery Disc In Windows 7

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

iphone 4 vs iphone 3GS

A comparison of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS [ via Mahalo ]

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