Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Map


Add layers and images by clicking on the radio buttons and press play to see the spill in a timeline loop.

via USA Today

If you own a laptop, read this…


Putting a Private Detective in Your Laptop- NY Times

Optimize Your PC using Soluto


Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your computer quite often? Running slow because of too many programs? Too much crap that starts up when you boot? Soluto is a new program that measures and gives you recommendations on what programs are causing the slowness and can be removed.

Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

Speed Up Firefox by Preloading Components

firefox preloader

Firefox is already pretty fast when loading, but what if you could make it load even faster? That’s where Firefox Preloader comes in. This nifty program will pre-load some of the components that Firefox uses, so it loads up instantly. Check it out.

Speed Up Firefox with Firefox Preloader

Close All Running Programs with SmartClose


Are you one of those people with 40 windows open on your desktop at any given time? It’s a pain to close all your program if you need to perform a quick restart. SmartClose is cool because it can also restore all your programs later!


Time Your PC’s Boot Time

boot time

Ever wonder how long it actually takes for your PC to boot? Using PC Boot Timer, you can time it exactly by downloading the program and running it. It’ll restart your computer and when Windows loads up, tell you exactly how long it took in seconds.

Time Your PC’s Boot Time

Control Facebook Privacy Settings with PrivacyDefender

facebook privacy

Are you worried about your privacy on Facebook? Not sure how to configure all of those privacy settings to ensure your information is not public or visible to people you are trying to hide it from? PrivacyDefender is a tool that lets you easily control your Facebook privacy settings.


How the World Spends Time Online

spend time online

Ever wonder how the rest of the world is spending their time online? You probably won’t be surprised to hear that 22% of the time spent online by the world is used on social media. Check out more interesting facts.

How the World Spends Its Time Online

Download YouTube Music to Your iPod

youtube mp3 ipod

There are tons of music videos on YouTube, but getting them from there to your iPod can be a tricky task. Download the video, extract the audio, convert it to MP3, then sync it. Or you can try FetchMP3, which does those first three steps for you!

Download YouTube Music to iPod

Disable Automatic Reboot during System Crash

automatic restart

By default, Windows will restart if the the system crashes. This means you might see a blue screen with an error message for a second or two before it disappears. If you want to see the error message, you have to disable automatic reboot.

Disable Automatic Reboot after System Crash

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