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The Internet in 2020

Internet_In_2010 via  The Big Picture

Test your computer’s power usage with Joulemeter


Joulemeter, a tiny app written by Microsoft’s Research Labs group, tests your CPU, disk and monitor. A neat tool if you were ever curious about your computer’s power consumption.


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StupeFlix Is a Cool Online Video Editor


Stupeflix is nifty tool to create and edit videos online.

Stupeflix is a Powerful Tool to Make and Edit Videos Online

Set Follow Up Email Reminders With


If you forget following up on emails often, then this is the tool you gotta use.

Evernote Trunk

evernote trunk

Get cool Evernote apps and tools at Evernote Trunk.

Evernote Trunk

Bypass Internet Censorship Effectively


A complete guide to hiding your IP address and bypassing internet censorship effectively using free VPN services.

How to Hide Your IP, Browse the Web Anonymously and Access Restricted Sites

What’s Ease Of Access Center In Windows

Windows ease of access center

Check out this little known but useful Windows feature.

Understanding the Ease Of Access Center in Windows

A Guide to Irfanview: A Superb Desktop Image Editor


Check out this comprehensive guide to one of the best desktop tools for editing images

IrfanView for Desktop Photo Editing

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