Chrome Fastball

chrome fastball

Chrome Fastball is a flash based YouTube video game created by Google to promote the Flash integration feature in Chrome.

Chrome FastBall [via Mashable]

Firefox Flame Fractal Wallpaper


Out of this world.

Oxymoronical via mozilla links

TinEye Reverse Image Search browser extension (Firefox/Chrome)


Ah, one we’ve been waiting for. Right click on any picture on the web and TinEye will scan over one billion images for a match. The results will even include a URL good for 24 hours so you can share. Brilliant idea !

TinEye Firefox addon

TinEye Chrome extension

TinEye homepage

The Republic of Facebook


The Facebook Economy via Visual Economics

Use Classic Toolbars and Menus in Outlook ‘10


If you’re using Outlook 2010 but prefer the ‘retro’ look of 2007, MS-MVP Roady has a small download that may suit you.

Classic toolbars for Outlook 2010

Upgrade to new Microsoft Security Essentials Version


New version 1.0.1963.0 replaces 1.0.1961.0. Check for new version by clicking Help> Upgrade. Or you can visit Microsoft’s Security Essentials page.

Version 1963

(Change log to follow)

$2K HD SLR camera + $2K RC helicopter + BMX

PB’s Backyard from Trent Palmer on Vimeo.

via Fark

Comodo Internet Security – How Good It Actually Is?


If you are wondering about Comodo Internet Security and how good this solution is, then check out this review. It tests all features offered by Comodo and shares the results from the perspective of a normal user, without a background in security.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Comodo Internet Security

The London Underground in Real Time


via Google Maps Mania

Win Windows® 7 Inside Out & Get a Discount at O’Reilly


For all you Windows geek, we’ve found cool competition + discount offer. Check this out if you want to know how to win a copy of Ed Bott’s Windows® 7 Inside Out, and also get a discount of up to 50% on O’Reilly books.

Win the Best Windows 7 Book & Get 40-50% Discount on O’Reilly Books

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