Android Phone Not Working? Try These Steps


Having trouble with your Android? Is it almost bricked? Try these steps now.

How to Fix an Android Phone or Tablet That Appears to be Bricked

JOBS the movie, Official Trailer

JOBS- Official Website

ChartGirl: Great Black and White Data Charts


An interesting site that tries to make sense of data through detailed, black and white charts. All of them can be downloaded in PDF format.


Should You Buy the Moto X?


Take a look at these important things about Moto X before making a decision on buying it.

Top 10 Things About Moto X, Google’s New Flagship Android Phone

Quartz: Great Stories and Journalism Sans the Clutter


Quartz by Atlantic Media is a site that produces impressive longform content in a clutter-free, nicely-designed interface.


Looking for good weather apps for Windows 8?


7 Tutorials has tested many weather apps and share the best they’ve found: The Best Free Weather Apps for Windows 8


Best Android Cleaner Apps


The best 3 cleaner apps for Android.

Top 3 Cleaner Apps For Android Phones and Tablets

Infographic – How to Create a Good LinkedIn Profile


Source: How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cool 5-second Videos


The name says it all. Collection of funny 5-second videos.

5-Second Films

The Best Android Video Players


Here are the top 3 video player apps for Android.

Top 3 Free Android Video Player Apps

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