Will it Blend? iPad Edition

“Pad smoke, don’t breathe this.”

Tiny’s previous post on Blendtec

Penolo Lets You Share Sketches On Twitter


Penolo is a cool online tool that lets you share drawings and sketches on Twitter.


Visit Woolyss.com for Old School Games, Music and Videos


Are you an 8-bit or ASCII fanatic? Want to play dozens of Atari era games in your browser or sample some revolutionary (for the time) music? We found Woolyss by accident but happy we did. Thank you jikoo.


Add a Custom Title in IE using Spybot or Spyware Blaster


Not a new trick but if you use IE and have either Spybot Search & Destroy or Spyware Blaster installed (likely),  you can add your own custom title. Sweet !

When You Need to Hail a Taxi in NYC


This interactive heat map shows which streets and avenues have the most passenger pickups.

Tracking Taxi Flow Across the City – New York Times

Live Map of Marine Traffic


Track passenger and cargo ships, tankers, tugs, yachts and more. Steer clear of Somali pilots and the Bermuda Triangle :) Big thanks to Kalle !

Live Marine Traffic

NoSquint Remembers Site Specific Zoom Levels (Firefox)


TV stations have annoyingly different volume levels and websites have differing font sizes. The NoSquint addon for Firefox remembers your preferences and adjusts font size and even color on a per site basis. Another addon we’ve used for years and highly recommend.

NoSquint homepage 

NoSquint v2.0.3 Firefox Addon page

New Firefox release 3.6.3 fixes 1 Critical bug


Firefox 3.6.3 fixes exactly one bug. It’s quite an interesting story, one that seems to be developing annually. Download or choose Help> Check for Updates

Firefox 3.6.3 download

Dark Side of the Moon (8-bit)

This should inspire you to buy the real thing :)

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

via CNET

Norwegian Life



via reddit

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