Out of band Security Update for Internet Explorer


Run Windows Update if you don’t have things set to Automatically install. Look for additional updates next week on Patch Tuesday

Windows update info from TechNet

7 Cool Looking Screensavers for Windows


If the YoWindow real-time screensaver already got boring, you might want to take a look at this list of screensavers for Windows 7. It has a bit of everything: cool flames, Star Trek, anime, clocks, dogs, etc.

Top 7 Screen Savers for Windows 7

If it were only this easy



via Barry Ritholtz

SyncToy syncs Files and Folders across Computers on a Network (or partitions on the same drive)


SyncToy will painlessly sync files and folders across PCs on a network or even sync between partitions on the same hard drive (attention dual booters!). You can sync music, photos, docs too and SyncToy will copy the new files to a USB or SD card. It can sync any file/folder including your Outlook .pst file to an external drive as well. It’s free, it’s easy and it works. All Windows OSs, x86-x64


SyncToy v2.1 from Microsoft

Classic Cinema Online offers 100’s of OnDemand Movies


Many offering are from the 1920’s and 30’s. There is an entire Silent movie sub-section. Not for everyone but if you appreciate movies before technology enhanced everything, including the acting, you may like some of the selections. 

Classic Cinema Online

OutSync will Sync Photos of your Friends on Facebook and Outlook


OutSync will even sync between Outlook/Exchange and your smartphone. Another truly tiny app (.6MB) that we love. All Windows OSs supported.

download OutSync

Windows 7 Easter Theme


Easter is next weekend, get a jump on the bunny with this wonderful theme pack. Six wallpapers, desktop icons and even instructions on how to install an Easter egg start button.

Windows 7 Easter theme

YoWindoW, a real time weather screensaver


YoWindoW is your desktop’s window to worldwide weather. Wind speed is reflected by how quickly the clouds, grass or rain move for instance, and the actual picture accurately depicts time, season and local conditions.


Watch the weather in your city

via PC World

Optimize your computer the Microsoft way



Nice article with suggestions on how to keep your PC running smoothly. Topics include Disk Check, Removing Temp Files, Defragmentation and other suggestions on how and when to run built-in Windows tools. All OS’s.

Optimize your Windows computer

Stormpulse provides slick, real time weather data


Just enter a U.S. zip code and track weather and warnings as they happen. A pro version adds 12 hour satellite loops and tropical watches and warnings too. A must bookmark for any weather geek.


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