Stormpulse provides slick, real time weather data


Just enter a U.S. zip code and track weather and warnings as they happen. A pro version adds 12 hour satellite loops and tropical watches and warnings too. A must bookmark for any weather geek.

Geek Parents – Did you try Parental Controls in Windows 7?


If you are parents, trying to control how much time your children are spending on their PCs & what content they interact with, Windows 7 has a good solution for you. It is called Parental Controls and it can be enhanced using third party tools, so that you control all the computing activities you are interested in. 7 Tutorials has published a series which covers this area in a very professional way. A must read for all parents.

All You Need to Know About Parental Controls in Windows 7

Change DNS servers on the fly with DNS Jumper


Click on ‘Fastest DNS’ and DNS Jumper will test dozens of servers and find the fastest combination. You can also choose from pre-sets for Google DNS, Open DNS, Comodo DNS, Ultra DNS and many more. This is a tiny app that will likely speed up your internet experience. 

DNS Jumper v1.0.3 (translated from Turkish)

Live PDF Searches PDF Files and Ebooks


Live PDF is a nice ebook search engine that pulls out the PDF files from Google and Bing search results.

Live PDF

Converting Mp4 to Mp3 Easily


If you are looking for a quick solution to convert mp4 files to mp3 format then this guide would help you do that.

How To Convert Mp4 to Mp3 Easily & For Free

Use Quick Translator to Translate Text in 50 Languages (Firefox)


Just highlight some text, right click and choose your language. Quick Translator will translate over 50 languages and quickly and accurately. Weighing in at a tiny 55kb, we have and use this add-on regularly.

Quick Translator v.0.3.1 from Firefox Add-ons

Get Better Windows Search With UltraSearch


Sometimes Windows’ default file search can be a pain. UltraSearch, which is fast and has a clean interface, could be a better replacement for that.

UltraSearch is a Nice Windows Search Tool

Scan News With NY Times Article Skimmer


If you are a frequent visitor of The New York Times website then you would find their article skimmer very useful. It lets you quickly go through news in different sections. It has some nice options too. Try it out.

NY Times Article Skimmer

SpeedyFox Claims to Speed up your Firefox


In our experiment, the browser started and pages loaded about ~10% faster.

SpeedyFox v1.4.2 by CrystalIdea

Beware Hover Kitties


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