Download Wallpapers From National Geographic Site


Here’s a tool that lets you download wallpapers from the National Geographic site in bulk. It does eat a bit of CPU while doing that so keep checking.

NatGeo Downloader: Download National Geographic Wallpapers

Spyware Blaster v4.3


A new version for one of our favorite apps, previously written about here.

Download Spyware Blaster v4.3

Yes, it’s Patch Tuesday


Don’t forget to check for updates if not set to automatic. This is what it looks like for 7 + Office.

Generate Stunning Tag Clouds With Tagxedo


Create some really cool tag clouds online with Tagxedo.


Install, Remove and HIDE Fonts in Windows 7


I know that managing fonts doesn’t seem a big deal with any Windows version. However, one interesting thing I’ve learned from this tutorial, is that Windows 7 allows you not only to install & remove fonts but also hide them. This can be done based on your system’s language settings. For example, if you switch from German to English or French, Windows 7 will not show/work with the fonts specific to the previous language and will enable/show the ones specific to the new language. Pretty cool, isn’t it? To learn more, read the tutorial recommended below.

How to Install, Remove and Hide Fonts in Windows 7

Need Help with Your Home Network?


The team from 7 Tutorials is running a 30 seconds survey to find out more about people’s home networks and their problems. Based on the results of this survey, they will publish future articles which will help you fix your network problems. Good deal, isn’t it? And it takes only 30 seconds.

Tell Us About Your Home Network (30 seconds survey)

Awesome Lyrics Finder for Winamp & Windows Media Player


We are using for some time a very cool add-on for Winamp & Windows Media Player which automatically finds & shows the lyrics for the songs you are playing. It was very hard to find something which works every time and it is actually free (not just free to download), but we’ve found it. Plus it doesn’t install any crapware to nag you. It is called Lyrics Plugin and you should definitely give it a try.

Lyrics Plugin (download page)

Download Videos from Hulu


We know some of our US readers are big fans of Hulu. If you are interested not only in streaming their movies but also in downloading them to your PC, then you should try StreamTransport – a free tool which helps you do this – and read this very useful tutorial.

StreamTransport (download page) | How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (tutorial by freeware genius)

Pixels invade Manhattan

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Independent web videos.

Pixels via

Convert PDF files to ePub to read on your iPad

Do you have a large eBook collection in PDF format and want to be able to read those books on your iPad? Simple Help has you covered with a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert your PDF files to ePub files – and how to copy them to your iPad.

How to convert PDF files to ePub files to read on your iPad with iBooks

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