Discover New Bundled Feeds in Google Reader


Google has bundled 449 popular feed topics you can easily subscribe to with a single click. You can also create and share your own bundles.

Google Reader bundled RSS feeds

Play Music in Chrome by Simply Dragging a File


We got a tip from reader/blogger Ashutosh suggesting we try to drag a .mp3 file to Chrome. Sure enough, it opened a rudamentary player in a new tab. Fair dinkum !

Ashutosh’s Blog

15 Great Illustrations by Chow Hon Lam


Look for the ‘National Animals’ one. Very impressive work.

15 Illustrations by Chow Hon Lam via My Modern Metropolis

Easily Sync Files & Folders with Friends & Family


Syncing docs, music, files and folders with other computers has never been easier. Share on a network or with friends, Microsoft Live Sync is a tiny app that will have you sharing all kinds of files painlessly  in no time at all. Needs a Live account, Windows or Mac.

Microsoft Live Sync

Live Sync Help FAQs

David Pogue’s NYTimes Live Sync review

Amazon Free Kindle for PC Download


Excellent news for book readers and people wanting to test drive Kindle software without having to buy the hardware. Amazon is now offering a free Kindle download. Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Amazon Free Kindle for PC download

Stretch with a Stylish Script (Firefox)


We often visit popurls when we need to catch up on headlines quickly. This Stylish script will stretch the page and make it easier on the eyes.

Stretched POPurls

You’ll need Stylish first. – Find episodes of Hitchcock, Soaps, Game Shows and more


The Soupy Sales Show, You Bet your Life, Three Stooges and of course the Hillbillies.


Download Microsoft Office Help tab


For users of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Windows XP, Vista and 7.

New Help tab from Microsoft Download Center

The Growth of Citibank


Unbelievable view of Citi’s mergers and name changes through 2008.

Citi’s family tree

Quickly Switch between Tabs in IE

ie switch tabs

All newer versions of Internet browsers now support tabbed browsing as opposed to opening multiple windows. If you used to use ALT + TAB to switch between windows, how do you switch between tabs? Easy! CTRL + TAB!

Switch Between Tabs in IE with Keyboard Shortcut

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