Test Drive Mobile Phones Online With TryPhone


If you want to test drive a popular mobile handset before purchasing it then Tryphone could help. Check it out.

TryPhone: Online Mobile Simulation Tool

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, 3/23/10


You don’t have to live in Vermont* to enjoy some Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey for free on Tuesday. Ben & Jerry’s is part of an Anglo-Dutch conglomerate now but this tradition lives on, from Church Street in Burlington to you.

Scoop shop locator

Wallpapers and games

*but it doesn’t hurt

New Stinger from McAfee Helps Remove ‘FakeAlert’ Threats


From McAfee: A new Stinger has been developed to specifically target “FakeAlert” threats being seen in the wild. This version of Stinger Detects and removes the following “FakeAlert” Variants – Kryptik, AVP Security, Fakespypro, Winwebsec, Antivirus Soft and XPSpy.

Stinger download

Google Apps Marketplace: Tools & Services For Google Apps Users


Google Apps Marketplace was launched recently by Google to help millions of Google Apps users across the world. It has got some great tools to help you get more from your Google Apps account.

Google Apps Marketplace

Get News Quick and Precise With Newser


Don’t have the time to skim through long paragraphs of news articles? Check out Newser. It gets you the main stuff quick and easy.


Scan for Viruses in Ubuntu using ClamAV

ubuntu virus scanner

Looking for some virus protection for your Ubuntu install? Linux viruses are rare, but they do exist. If you want a really great virus scanner for Ubuntu, look no further than ClamAV. Read on to learn how to install and configure it.

ClamAV – Virus Protection for Ubuntu Linux

Replace Your Windows Task Manager With System Explorer


The default task manager in Windows doesn’t tell you much. System Explorer is a nice replacement that gives you more power when it comes to dealing with processes.

System Explorer is an Efficient Task Manager Replacement

Create Talking Photos using Fotobabble


Here’s an interesting little website. Fotobabble lets you upload a photo and then record audio to go with it. You can then easily share this with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Cool idea.


Run Command Missing in Windows 7?

run command windows 7

Trying to figure out where the run command went in Windows 7? For some odd reason, Microsoft removed it from the Start Menu by default! Check out the post below to restore it.

Restore Run Command in Windows 7

Share High Res Photos using Divvyshot


Want to quickly share some photos with friends you want on a trip with? Want them to be able to add photos to the collection too? Want to have unlimited space? Then check out DivvyShot, a free service for sharing high resolution photos with everyone.


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