Run Command Missing in Windows 7?

run command windows 7

Trying to figure out where the run command went in Windows 7? For some odd reason, Microsoft removed it from the Start Menu by default! Check out the post below to restore it.

Restore Run Command in Windows 7

Share High Res Photos using Divvyshot


Want to quickly share some photos with friends you want on a trip with? Want them to be able to add photos to the collection too? Want to have unlimited space? Then check out DivvyShot, a free service for sharing high resolution photos with everyone.


Draw Online using Harmony

online drawing tool

Harmony is a cool site where you can release your creativity in a very simple and elegant manner. The entire web page is a canvas and it is made up of some very cool brushes. Draw away!


How to Browse Privately in Firefox

firefox private browsing

Want to make sure you’re not leaving any trace of your browsing while in Firefox? If so, you should make sure you are using Private Browsing. It’s like IE’s InPrivate and Chrome’s Incognito. Learn more.

Firefox Private Browsing

Kill Processes Quickly with Process Assassin

process assassin

Ever had to restart your entire computer because a process would not die? That’s where Process Assassin can help. It’s a small program that terminates processes immediately and doesn’t effect any other program. Nice!

Kill Processes with Process Assassin

Need to Come Up with a Good Name? Try Wordoid


Wordoid is a nifty little service that helps anyone who needs to create a name for a product, service, domain, website or anything else. It generates natural sounding words and tells you if the domain is already taken or not.


StockFox puts a Lightweight Stock Ticker in your Statusbar


StockFox allows you to capture Yahoo Finance quotes in either your statusbar or a tickerbar above your tabs. You can adjust the colors for up/down/unchanged issues and how often it updates.

StockFox v1.2.1 addon for Firefox

Explore Google Public Data Visually

google public data explorer

If you haven’t heard about Google Public Data, it’s Google’s attempt to make large datasets available to the public. Now they’ve added Public Data Explorer, which is a cool tool to visually see all that data. It’s pretty neat, especially if you’re a data person.

Google Public Data Explorer

The Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet

excel cheatsheet

Want to be an Excel guru at your office place? Or just impress the ladies with your mad vlookup and formula skills? The great people at InvestInTech have come up with the ultimate Excel cheatsheet and it’s awesome!!

Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet

Convert the Quick Launch Bar into a Super Application Launcher

quick launch bar

Tired of downloading third-party application launchers? I’ve used them in the past, but could live without them. So why not create your own application launcher in Windows 7? Check out this guide to converting the Quick Launch bar into an app launcher!

Convert Quick Launch bar into Application Launcher

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