Customizable Shortcuts for Firefox


Customize your Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

Customizable Shortcuts for Firefox

Great Sites to Watch Live Sports


Some cool websites to stream live sports.

Top 3 Websites to Watch Sports Live Streams for Free

Calendars+ Free Until Friday 6/21 [iOS]


A great calendaring iPhone/iPad app that normally sells for $6.99 and worth that price.

Calendars + via 148Apps

JottaCloud Offers Data Backups Outside the US


If the recent news about NSA snooping has got you worried about your data residing on the servers of US-based companies like Dropbox, then you may want to try this Norway based Dropbox alternative.


Norway’s Jottacloud offers data sheltered from US snooping

Best Web Based Tools For Collaboration


Here are some of the best tools to collaborate with others online.

Top 5 Free Online Collaboration Tools for Professionals and Students

When Did You Install a Windows Program or App?


If you need to figure out when you installed a certain program or app in Windows, here’s how to do it:

When Was a Program or App Installed in Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Next Gen Innovations That May Shape Your Future


The New York Times Magazine envisions less traffic, better coffee, no hangovers and better sleep. Now, please.

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow

CommaFeed is the Best Google Reader Alternative


Have you been searching high and low for a replacement of GReader once it sunsets July 1st only to find the alternative all suck to varying degrees? You are not alone. Millions of users have been trying dozens of products in an attempt to replicate the features, UI and customization of GReader.

We’ve tried most of them and have found a clear winner, CommaFeed. Import your OPML and log in and you’ll find the look and feel is very similar to what you’re used to. Shortcuts exist, themes are coming and other great enhancements have already been announced.


McAfee’s Avert Stinger Scans Your PC for Infections


The new Avert Stinger is one of the best standalone anti-virus scanners, searching for over 6,000 viruses and variants. It’s free, it works, and should be in your arsenal of virus fighting tools.

~10MB download.

Avert Stinger by McAfee

Microsoft preaches Evolutionism (of an IT Professional)


via Neowin

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