Sweet Firefox Icon and Wallpaper


Firefox icon pack by shaeffer007

Firefox wallpaper by IQEye

7 Cool Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7


If you don’t know which are the latest must have desktop gadgets for Windows 7, check out this roundup from 7 Tutorials. They’re proposing gadgets which allow you to tweet straight from your desktop, monitor wireless networks, stay in touch with the latest RSS updates, facebook your life away, etc.

Top 7 Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

Recover Instant Messenger Passwords with MessenPass


If you’ve forgot the password of your instant messenger account or you just want to crack your girlfriends password, use MessenPass. It works with: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ Lite, Trillian, Digsby and many other clients.

MessenPass Download Page

The LOLcat Bible – OH HAI !


The Old and New Testaments translated to LOLcat. Brilliant.

The LOLcat Bible

Filter what your children see with Windows Media Center


If you want to make sure your children are not watching adult programs or DVDs in Windows Media Center, you can easily setup & configure Parental Controls. Check out this tutorial and learn how to do it.

How to Setup Parental Controls in Windows Media Center

Today is Auntie Anne’s Free Pretzel Day


Run, don’t walk to your nearest location. We’re partial to the garlic one :D

Auntie Anne’s store locator

Color Splash Photos Online for Free

color splash photos

I personally think those pictures where everything is black and white except for one part of the picture are awesome. Color splashing a photo is not as hard as it looks! Check out this post which shows you without even having to download any software.

Color Splash Photos for Free

Generate Website Thumbnails using Thumboo

generate website thumbnail

Thumboo is a free thumbnail generator that lets you create screenshots of any website instantly. You can then download the thumbnail in multiple sizes (150×100, 200×150, 300×250, and fullxfull). They also have an API you can utilize for your own web apps.


Here comes the snow ! Cool map in motion


More fun than sticking your head outside, this highly detailed weather map in motion from WeatherUnderground.com shows you what’s coming your way. Use a U.S. zip code, click on Precipitation and the Green play button and prognosticate with greater accuracy. 

WeatherUnderground’s map in motion

Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7

windows 7 themes

Did you know that there are hidden themes in Windows 7? For example, if you live in the US, there is a theme set called United States. But there are themes for other countries as well, you just can’t see them. Learn how to unlock them.

Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7

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