Mask Your Email Address from Spammers

hide email address

A quick and easy way to add your email address to a website without being bombarded with spam is to use an email image generator. Everyone can see your email address in the normal form, but it cannot be copied by spider or bots since it’s an image.

How to Mask Your Email Address

Download Command & Conquer Classics for Free

command and conquer

If you were born around the late 70’s or early 80’s, then you probably fondly remember playing Command & Conquer. There was Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, and Tiberian Sun. Now you can download them for free!

Command & Conquer Classics

Dante’s Internet


Devine clarity.


SpiderPic Compares Stock Photo Prices Online


SpiderPic is an online pricing comparison engine for stock photos. It lets you search for and compare stock photos across top stock photography websites.


Aviary – Free Set of Editing Tools

free editing tools

Looking for a free online audio editor? What about a screen capture program? Or an image editor? Well, what if you had all those tools and more all on one site!? Aviary is a free site that you can use to edit images, generate color palettes, editor vector images, and lots more.


How To Edit Right Click Menu In Windows

right click edit

If your right click menu is loaded with unwanted stuff and it needs a cleanup then the following guide could help you. Since this is a registry hack, make sure you are careful and take a backup of your registry before you do it.

How To Edit Right Click Menu In Windows

To Visit, Or Not Helps You Limit Your Visits To a Site


Addicted to Twitter or Facebook ? This site will help you limit your visits to that site by blocking it for a specified time interval between new visits.

To Visit, Or Not

Listify Syncs iTunes With Spotify


For those who have got access to Spotify and enjoying the awesome media player, this is a cool app that helps you sync iTunes playlists with the ones you’ve got in Spotify.


How To Download Videos From YouTube

youtube downloader

There are many ways to download YouTube videos. This guide talks about two such ways, one for Firefox users and other for those who would prefer using an offline tool to do it.

How To Download Videos From YouTube

Recover Deleted Files With WinUtilities


Press Shift+Delete often ? Then you must have accidently deleted files at times. This article tells you how you can recover them using a free tool called WinUtilities.

Retrieve Deleted File and Folders With WinUtilities

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