Betting on the Blind Side, a Vanity Fair article


We’ve been fans of Michael Lewis since ‘Moneyball’ and still follow his monthly contributions to VF. Even if you have no interest (no pun) in reading articles relating to our financial meltdown, this one is worth your time. 

Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair, April 2010

LEGO Digital Designer – Free


Design, upload and share your LEGO creations. Fun and free for all ages, Windows XP, Vista and 7.

LEGO Digital Designer v3.0.11 download from MajorGeeks

Create a Personal Website Quickly using

flavors me is a nifty little site that lets you quickly create an elegant looking website using your own personal content. It’s perfect for personal homepages or lifestreaming pages. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites and add that content to your website.

A List of Blog Editors for Mac

blog editors for mac

I recently bought a Mac and since then I’ve been looking for a good blog editor for OS X! I tried several and none could match up to Windows Live Writer. However, if you have no choice, read the review below.

Blog Editors for Mac

Two Cool Ways to use Google Docs

google docs blog from

Google Docs is a pretty awesome utility if you really think about it. It  may not have all the features of Word, but it’s pretty close, especially for an online tool. Did you know that you can publish to your blog straight from Google Docs? Or that you can upload any type of file for storage purposes?

Use Google Docs More Effectively

Support Details Makes Life with Tech Support Easier

tech support details

Ever chat with tech support before and they keep asking you questions about your computer configuration? Support Details is an awesome site that gives you key information about your computer and lets you email it or export it to CSV/PDF. Sweet!

Support Details

Why we miss Leo Laporte daily on TechTV

How to Manage Playback & Recording Audio Devices in Windows 7


Windows 7 offers some pretty need customizations for your playback and recording audio devices. For example, you can set your headphones as the default playback device for communication (via Skype, etc) and the speakers for the rest. If you want to learn how to do this, and other settings, check out this useful tutorial.

How to Change the Default Playback & Recording Audio Device

Tableau Public – Brilliant Data Visualization Tool


Tableau Public is a commercial tool which allows you to create amazing charts out of any data set. They offer also a free version which you can download an use at any time. With it, you have access to all features, except the possibility to save the charts on your computer. However, they do get stored on the Tableau Public servers and you can embed them into blog posts or share them online with anyone. If you are a blogger, crunching and sharing lots of data, you should definitely consider it.

Tableau Public Download Page (requires e-mail address to download & free account to use)

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