Recover Deleted Files With WinUtilities


Press Shift+Delete often ? Then you must have accidently deleted files at times. This article tells you how you can recover them using a free tool called WinUtilities.

Retrieve Deleted File and Folders With WinUtilities

Using Windows Backup & Restore Center to Backup Data


The Premium & Ultimate versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 have an in-built backup and restore center that help you create backups of important files/entire computer. This guide explains the process.

A Guide to Using Windows Backup & Restore Center to Backup Data

ReminderFox Lets You Add Reminders In Firefox


ReminderFox is a nifty Firefox add-on that lets you create to-do lists and add reminders right inside your browser.


What Your Gadget Really Costs – Business Week


The retail prices and cost of components for 20+ popular gadgets. Products from Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, RIMM and others are included (half are Apple).

Business Week article on what gadgets really cost

Mind Mapping for free with XMind


I’m pretty sure all geeks visiting our site work on different types of projects. One effective tool to define the deliverables of a project is to create a mind map. After trying out lots of mind mapping software, I’ve found a favorite – XMind. It does all the basics right, looks great, can save to different formats and it is open-source.

XMind Product Page | XMind Official Download Page | Mirror

Find Microsoft downloads in any language


Microsoft Worldwide Download Center

Check plugin status in Firefox 3.6


A new security feature in Firefox 3.6 easily allows you to check the status of your plugins. Update the same way you would an extension or theme, or visit this page: Plugin Check

Will it Blend? Probably.


You know the company and have probably seen the commercials. This page has an archive with dozens of original blends. And yes, the iPhone does blend.

Will It Blend?

Malicious Software Removal Tool – February


Each month on Patch Tuesday Microsoft releases a new update for their Malicious Software Removal tool. Do you run it? Just go to Start> Search and type in ‘MRT’. Running this scan monthly is recommended.

What System Recovery Tool to Use & When?


This guide is one of the few which tries to explain which Windows 7 system recovery tools to use and when. Depending on your problems, some tools can help and others will not. So it’s better to know upfront what to use, when.

An Overview of System Recovery Options for Windows 7

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