Own a cell phone, or does a cell phone own you?


Many folks gladly pay as much per month for their mobile service as the do for some cable/internet/landline bundles. Do you?

Chart from Cellphone.org

via Neowin

Make your Joomla & Drupal Sites Mobile with OSMOBI


If you are a blogger working on Drupal or Joomla, then OSMOBI is the tool for you. With OSMOBI you can build a mobile version of your website in minutes, without having to write a line of code. All you need to do is: create an account, download the module and theme, install them on your site, activate the mobile version of your site. Plus… the free package does the trick for most sites while the payed one doesn’t rip you off.

OSMOBI homepage | Subscription Options & Pricing

Integrate Twitter and Delicious and Make Life Easier

twitter delicious

Are you always posting links to interesting stuff on your Twitter account? If so, you might be interested in a site called Packrati.us. It basically follows your Twitter feed and automatically saves any link posted to your Delicious account. Could be useful for some people out there.


Design Your Web Pages Using the Golden Ratio

golden ratio

Ever heard of the Golden Ratio? If not, it’s basically a ratio that they have found in everything that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Golden Ratio Calculator calculates this ratio for you so that you can use it in you web designs. Check it out!

Golden Ratio Calculator

Worldwide Growth of the Internet


The BBC takes you through the growth of the net with some very surprising results. Special thanks to VistaMike for pointing this out.

BBC’s Visualizing the Internet

How to Find Your Mac Address

mac address

Find to find the Mac address of your computer? It’s fairly simple actually. Check out the post below on how to determine the Mac address of your network card.

How to Find Your Mac Address

Use My TextTools to Edit and Organize Text


My TextTools is a very handy collection of scripts you can use to find, organize, count or convert text. Thanks to Reinier for sharing !

My TextTools

Discovery Channel LIFE Theme (Win7)


Released to coincide with the upcoming Discovery Channel series LIFE, this beautiful Windows 7 themepack includes some great wallpaper.

Discovery Channel LIFE theme

Increase the size of Taskbar Previews (Win 7)


The default size of taskbar previews in Win 7 is so small, the feature was rendered useless…until today. With The Windows Club’s Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker you can enlarge the size of the taskbar thumbnails to something a bit more practical. This tiny app also allows you to change the delay time before the thumbnail popup appears. A similar app works great in Vista.

Windows 7 Thumbnail Resizer/Tweaker v1.1

Scan your PC for nasties with Panda ActiveScan


Another free scanner in your arsenal of anti-malware tools. Just download the small engine and Panda ActiveScan will scan within your browser. When finished, you will see the results of the scan as well as an offer to buy their software.

Panda ActiveScan

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