Pink Floyd – Oakland Coliseum Arena – 5/9/1977


From Wolfgang’s Vault. Sadly, Us and Them is cut off.

Pink Floyd at Oakland Coliseum 5/9/1977

Beautiful Lacy Hearts Valentine’s Day theme (Win7)


From the people that put the red in Redmond.

Download Lacy Hearts Valentine’s theme

Advanced Multi-Monitor/Window Management with Acer Gridvista


If you are interested in a solution which helps you manage your windows and multi-screen configuration, then try Acer Gridvista. It provides custom configuration for each monitor and a wide variety of presets for managing open windows. Definitely recommended to corporate geeks, working with many data inputs in parallel.

Acer Gridvista Information Page | Acer Gridvista Download Page

Build-a-Valentine’s Day Card for your Schmoopie


Create a personalized Valentine’s Day card for a loved one. Simply add a photo, a note and choose from seven musical themes.

Share The Love for Valentine’s Day

Windows 7’s Device Stage Feature Explained


Device Stage is a very idealistic concept which aims to simplify the way people interact with devices in Windows 7. Microsoft’s idea is to have one place for managing all your external devices and interacting with them. Unfortunaly hardware manufacturers need to develop drivers which actually take advantage of this feature. And so far, not many of them have done this.

This article explains what this feature is, how it works and how you can use it for the devices that actually work with it.

Device Stage – A Fun Way to Interact with Devices and Printers

How to Find Your Windows 7 Product Key

product key win 7

Need to find your Windows 7 product key, but didn’t buy a computer with Windows 7 preinstalled? If you downloaded Windows 7 or purchased the retail version and lost the box, you can recover your product key using a free tool called Simple Keyfinder.

Find Windows 7 Product Key

See Rotten Tomatoes user ratings in IMBD


If you use Greasemonkey, you can install a script that will show Rotten Tomatoes user ratings within IMDB results.

Add script to IMDB

Get a Recycle Bin for Your USB Drive using iBin

recycle bin for usb drive

Love the concept behind the recycle bin in Windows? Delete a file and it goes to the trash instead of being permanently deleted just in case you didn’t mean to. Well, using iBin, you can create a recycle bin for your USB flash drive! Read on to learn more.

Create Recycle Bin for USB Flash Drive

Fix Computer Problems Remotely using ShowMeWhatsWrong


ShowMeWhatsWrong is a very cool site that aims to help people create screen recordings of computer problems easily. Go to the site, type in your name and email and you’ll get a link that you send to a friend or family member who is having issues. They record a screen cast and you get an email to view. Easy as that.


State of the Internet in 2009

state of the internet

Ever wonder who uses the Internet more: men or women? Or how often people use the Internet at home? Curious how many people have desktop computers vs laptops? It’s all in the State of the Internet by Focus.

State of the Internet 2009

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