Compare the Environment of Two Computers using ENVy

compare settings two computers

Ever wanted to compare the environment variables, Internet Explorer settings, network configuration, processes, installed software on two different machines? ENVy is a cool programs that lets you do exactly that! Great for IT pros or developers.


Puppy Bowl VI, the furry Super Bowl alternative


Puppies ! Animal Planet again hosts the Puppy Bowl, looping from 3pm on. That’s a 10 yard penalty for ruffing 🙂

Puppy Bowl VI

Quickly Open Multiple URLs With URL Opener


URL Opener is a simple and useful tool that helps you open multiple urls at the same time in your browser. No registration required. Just enter the urls in different lines and then click on Submit –> Open All.

URL Opener

The History of Computers in Pictures


Some neat pics of hardware through the years from Time Magazine.

Time Magazine

How To Remove Password Protection & Decrypt PDF Files

remove password pdf

Sometimes it becomes important to remove password protection and encryption from PDF documents. And we aren’t talking about any illegal stuff here. It’s in the legal domain and AnyBizSoft helps you do that.

How To Remove Password Protection From PDF Files

How to Open an ODF File

open odf file

Want to be able to open ODF (OpenDocument) files in Microsoft Office. By default, the ODF file format is native to OpenOffice, an open-source office suite. If you use Word, yet have to work with ODF files, you can with a plugin.

Open ODF Files in MS Office

Safely Store Passwords using bcrypt

securely store passwords

Want to store your passwords in the most secure manner possible? Want to make your encrypted password immune to a dictionary or brute-force attack by even a supercomputer? Then you should read about bcrypt.

Safely Store a Password

Easily Compare Digital Cameras With Snapsort


Planning to buy a digital camera and can’t decide which one to go for? Check out Snapsort. It’s a site that provides detailed comparison of a variety of digital cameras under popular brands, all in a clean, clutter-free and minimalistic interface.


AppCrashView by NirSoft


From the most trusted name in tiny apps comes the latest from Nir Sofer. This no install (.zip) program details application crashes and saves to .txt/.csv/.html or .xml files.

AppCrashView v1.00

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