Tiny Sticky Note Can Be Run From Your Tray


Weighing in at a modest 13KB, this portable sticky note app is run from your sys tray. With options to change fonts and start with your computer, consider this as a replacement for the built in application in Vista or 7 if you like populating your tray.

Sticky Note from Picofactory

Romantic Valentine’s Day Win7 Theme


Complete with 29 wallpapers, sounds, icons and more.

Romantic Win7 theme from win7themes.com

Compare Google Search Suggestions

compare google suggest results

Ever wonder what items would be similar if you search the phrases “what do men” and “what do women” in Google? Check out this website where you can type two search phrases and see which items are similar and which are different. Pretty neat!

Web Seer

View any string of dates in Outlook ‘07


Just left click and highlight the beginning and end date. No more simple Day/Week/Month views only.

Check How Trackable Your Browser is using Panopticlick


Ever wonder exactly how much information you browser gives to other sites while browsing the Internet? Panopticlick is a cool site that aims to figure out exactly how unique and trackable your browser really is. The higher your score, the more identifiable you are.


How To Know When Your Computer Last Shut Down

event viewer

If you want to know to the exact time and date when your Windows PC was last shut down then you could find out easily by checking the Event Viewer. No special software needed for the purpose. There’s a specific Event ID attached to Windows shutdown and that is what you need to check.

How To Know the Last ShutDown Time Of Your Windows PC

Analyze Your Website using Woorank


Want to analyze your own website or a competitors? Woorank is a cool website analysis tool that is very similar to Website Grader. It provides information on content, traffic, SEO, usability, servers, etc.


Looking for a Character Not On Your Keyboard?


From Start>Search (WinKey) type in ‘char’ and click on ‘character map’ Just copy and paste.

Free TidySongs Software Giveaway

Automatically Remove iTunes Duplicates with this Download | TidySongs

If you have a huge collection of songs on your computer I’m sure you might be struggling (like I did) to organize those songs properly so it can be found and played quickly on our Smart Phones and Portable Music Players. TidySongs is a great piece of software that helps you easily remove duplicate songs, fix misspelled song details, add missing artist and genre information and add missing album artwork so songs can be organized properly and easily. Imagine doing all these manually one at a time. TidySongs does all these for you automatically. It runs on both Mac and Windows platforms so you don’t have to be concerned of your operating system when it comes to cleaning up your music collection.

TidySongs normally costs you $39 for a full license. But DemoGeek.com is running a free giveaway promotion where 3 lucky winners will get the full license key for free if you leave a comment by February 7, 2010.

Give it a try…go ahead and leave a comment for a chance to win 1 of 3 TidySongs licenses.

How to use XP Mode in Windows 7

windows xp mode

Certain versions of Windows 7 have a neat feature called XP Mode that basically lets you run Windows XP inside a virtual machine within Windows 7 in order to run older applications. You can read this post on how to setup XP Mode in Win 7.

XP Mode Windows 7

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