How to use XP Mode in Windows 7

windows xp mode

Certain versions of Windows 7 have a neat feature called XP Mode that basically lets you run Windows XP inside a virtual machine within Windows 7 in order to run older applications. You can read this post on how to setup XP Mode in Win 7.

XP Mode Windows 7

Understanding Windows one Snack at a time


Short and sweet lessons on MS products by MS professionals. Requires Silverlight.

Microsoft Learning Snacks

Visit to Get Help Sleeping

rainy mood

Have trouble sleeping? Do natural sounds help you rest better? If so, visit All it does is play a 30-minute high quality loop of a thunderstorm with lots of rain. Making me sleepy already…

Rainy Mood

Install Snow Leopard on a PC using VMware

install mac os x on windows

Want to try out Mac OS X Snow Leopard on your Windows PC? Using VMware, which is virtualization software, you can manage to get Snow Leopard up and running with a few hacks. Check out the article below.

Install Snow Leopard on a PC

Retro Virus –


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Download Free Audio Books from AudioOwl

download audio books

Like listening to audio books while driving, exercising or doing something else? If so, check out, a free site with a large collection of free audio books which you can download in MP3, iPod and iTunes format.


35 Cool Pictures of Animal Photography (wallpaper worthy)




Tiny add-on Tabberwocky replaces most of the Tab Mix Plus feature set


Recent problems with Tab Mix Plus led us to look for a replacement extension to handle our basic tab opening needs. We came across Tabberwocky, a small but powerful alternative and will probably not look back even when TMP sorts out their (our) issue.

Tabberwocky v1.1 extension for Firefox

Support forum for Tabberwocky

Convert Web Pages into a Printer Friendly Format using Clippable

printer friendly web pages

If you still like to read content on paper and you tend to print out web pages for future reading, then you will love Clippable. It’s a free Firefox and IE add-on that cleans up a webpage so that when you print it, you only get the content and not the other junk.

Make a Webpage Printer Friendly

Reorganize Your Mac Desktop with BumpTop


BumpTop is an awesome new tool for Macs that completely changes your Mac desktop. They have a free version and a Pro version for $30. It basically adds a 3D experience to your desktop to make your more productive.

BumpTop for Mac

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