BlackBerry Tips for Beginners

blackberry tips

Just got a new shiny BlackBerry? If so, you might be a little intimidated by all the features and options. Also, if you want to customize it, it could take a little time. Read this post to learn three basic tips to get started using a new BlackBerry.

How to Customize BlackBerry

Download Videos from Websites Easily with DownloadHelper

download web videos

Use Firefox? Download videos off the Internet? If the answer is Yes to both of those questions, you might want to check out Video DownloadHelper. It’s a Firefox add-on that lets you easily download videos from many different sites like YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, Movie2k, and more.

Download Videos From Web Sites

Tiny App NTREGOPT Defrags your Registry very Quickly


Effectively defrag your registry with tiny app NTREGOPT. Compatible with all Windows operating systems though you have to turn off UAC in Vista and 7.


Download from Server 1, 2 or 3

Find Your First Twitter Follower

first twitter follower

Want to know who was the first person to follow you on Twitter? If so, check out a nifty little site called FirstFollower. So if you have thousands and thousands of followers, it might be worth thanking that first one!


Execute Code Online using Ideone

test code online

Ever wanted to test some PHP code without actually having PHP installed on your machine? What about Java or C or Perl, etc? is a cool site that lets you simple choose a programming language, paste code in, and execute it! Pretty cool!

It’s Patch Tuesday


Remember to check for updates if not set to automatic.

How to Burn an ISO File on Mac OS X

burn iso file mac

Need to burn an ISO file to DVD or CD from Mac OS X? If so, there’s no need for any additional third-party software as Snow Leopard has built-in tools to burn ISO images for you. Follow the steps in the article below to learn how.

Burn ISO to DVD using Mac OS X

Dexter Windows 7 Theme


There will be blood ! For Dexter lovers, a theme with Dexter wallpapers, sounds and icons.

Dexter Windows 7 theme

ESET Online Virus Scanner


Add a layer of security by running ESET antivirus scanner. Just another tool in your proactive protection scheme.

sshot-1 (2)

ESET Online Scanner

Format an SD Card Properly using SDFormatter

format sd card

How do you normally format your camera SD card? If you use the built-in format option on your camera, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t use Windows to format an SD card, at least according to the SD Association. Instead, if you want to prolong the life of your SD card, you should use SD Formatter, a free program that properly formats an SD or SDHC card according to official standards.

Properly Format SD Memory Card

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