Log on Automatically to Windows Without Typing Your Password


If you don’t like typing passwords each time you start your Windows, then you should read this guide. It works for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For XP it is the same thing, just the path to the user accounts window is different. While there are many similar guides on the net for this topic, this one is set apart by the fact that the author took the time to explain some watchouts you should be aware of. So, read it until the end.

Log on Automatically to Windows 7 Without Typing Your Password

Reduce the Size of Windows 7 Taskbar and Desktop Icons

small icons windows 7

For some reason in Windows 7, the default size of the taskbar icons and desktop icons is huge, at least for me. Big taskbar and big icons just seem like a waste of space to me, so I changed the settings to use small icons. Read on for the full tutorial.

Reduce Size of Taskbar and Icons in Windows 7

Animate your Windows 7/Vista Start Menu


Startmenu Animation 2 is a cool tool from DeviantART member oO-MrHigh-Oo. If you are into tweaking the visuals of your Windows 7/Windows Vista installation, you should definity consider giving it a try. He’s got also some cool skins, so you might want to look on his profile.

Download Page | Video Demo (YouTube)

Check all drives for Errors with Disk Scanner


This free, read-only scanner will check any kind of drive for errors. It’s fast, thorough and has a nice interface. A paid version uses S.M.A.R.T technology to alert the user in advance of any drive errors.

Disk Scanner v1.2 by Ariolic Software

Run Windows Apps on Mac OS X using WineBottler

run windows app on mac

If you’re a geek, you’ve probably already heard of Wine, the program that lets you run windows applications on Linux and Mac OS X. But have you heard of WineBottler? It’s another app written specifically for running Windows apps on Mac OS X. It’s in beta, but looks promising!


Search over 13,000 free fonts at SearchFreeFonts.com

Search Free Fonts

A unique font on your logos, documents, presentations or any web design materials would certainly make your work stand out and surely draws attention. There are hundreds of thousands of fonts out there that are free and paid. If you are on a tighter budget and don’t want to pay for a font, you are not alone. Even if we pay for few fonts who wouldn’t like to have a bunch of free fonts in their toolbox, correct? If you are in the market of looking for free fonts, head on over to SearchFreeFonts.com and I’m sure you’ll download a bunch.


Long Exposure Snapshots make for great Wallpaper


Original Disney fireworks photo

52 Stunning long exposure photographs

Blog entry @ Windows7news.com

Run Google Chrome from Your USB Stick using ChromiumOS Cherry

chromium os

Love Google Chrome with it’s clean interface and snappy load time? If so, you might want to check out ChromiumOS Cherry, a little package written by a college student to get Google Chrome to run off a USB stick. Check it out!

ChromiumOS Cherry

Repair Windows Media Player 12 with Fix WMP Utility


In case you are the type of geek using Windows Media Player 12 as your default media player and, for whatever reason it stops working, you might want to try Fix WMP Utility. This portable tool re-registers all the important .dll files used by WMP 12, so that it will work again.

Download Page | Fix WMP Utility product page.

Superb Twitter Icons


We love a well made icon here and we will use one or more of these.

Twitter icons from LazyCrazy @ DA

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