Burn a DVD on a Mac

burn dvd on mac

Got a new Mac recently? Unfortunately, when you pop in a blank DVD into a Mac, it does not come up with that nice little shortcut menu like in Windows where you can choose to burn a DVD with available programs. The link below walks you through the steps.

How to Burn a DVD on Mac

WordWeb – Free Windows Dictionary App

windows dictionary app

Tired of looking up words on Dictionary.com with boatloads of ads? Check out Wordweb, it’s a free offline and online dictionary with a lot of useful features like web references, Wikipedia integration, Wikitionary integration and more. Also, it can hear the spoken version of any word.

WordWeb – Free Dictionary for Windows

Generate a Color Palette from an Image using Pictaculous

color palette generator

Have an image in which you simply love the color combinations? Wish you could generate a color palette that matches those colors? Pictaculous is a cool service that lets you upload a picture and returns back several possible color palettes to match.


Follow Bill Gates on Twitter

bill gates twitter

If you’re a fan of Bill Gates, then you’ll be able to follow him more closely using his his Twitter account or his new website, The Gates Notes. It’s basically his notes and thoughts about global issues.

Bill Gates Twitter
The Gates Notes

Connect to a XP Printer from Windows 7

xp to windows 7 printer sharing

Being in IT, one common question I’ve been getting is how to print to a printer connected to a Windows XP machine from Windows 7? Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes not. Read the tutorial below to learn how to share a printer from XP to Win 7.

Share a Printer Between XP and Windows 7

Convert Your Handwriting into a Font

convert handwriting into font

Ever want to write an email in your own handwriting? If you have a tablet PC, you can! Check out this step by step tutorial on how to convert your handwriting into your own font that you can use in Word, Photoshop, or anywhere else!

Convert Handwriting to Font

Connect Computers via an Ad Hoc Wireless Network


If you don’t have a crossover cable to connect two laptops or netbooks, you can use their wireless capabilities. This guide shows how you can use your wireless network cards to create a temporary ad hoc network between two or more mobile computers. The guide is for Windows 7 but it works also for Windows Vista.

How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Wireless Computer-to-Computer Network

Convert Any Webpage into a PDF using PDFMYURL


PDFMYURL is a free service that lets you convert any webpage into a PDF document and save it to your computer. Simply paste the URL and click the button. You can also drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar so you don’t have to visit the website.


Watch All 66 “Get a Mac” Commercials Online

get a mac ads

One of the most successful ad campaigns in the last couple of years was the “Get a Mac” spots. Unless you live in the stone age, you’ve probably seen them with the cool Mac dude and the dorky Windows guys.

Complete Get a Mac Ad Campaign

Sweet MozillaZine Mouse pad


Since 1998, MozillaZine has provided independent Mozilla related support. You can shop at their store for clothing, home and office items, hats, mugs and much more. Support a community that has likely helped you.

MozillaZine Store

Mozilla Open Source T-Shirt Design page and Firefox page

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