WhatInStartup Shows Detailed Startup Info


Another great tiny app from Nir Sofer, WhatInStart show what programs start with your computer and gives more detailed information than either Autoruns or MSCONFIG.

WhatInStartup v1.17

Remove All Color from a Page with the No Color Extension


With one click on a button, make viewing dark pages easy. If you ever need to see a page in white with no background image, try the No Color extension for Firefox.

No Color 0.2.8 extension for Firefox

Tiny App PDFProducer Converts Plain Text to .PDF Quickly


Weighing in at a tiny 88kb, PDFProducer turns your .txt files into .pdf files in seconds. Perfect for it’s stated mission.

PDFProducer v1.3

Merry Christmas !




A Colbert Christmas Yule Log


Much better in full screen mode.

A Colbert Christmas log

Clean the Notification Area Icon Cache in Windows 7


The notification area in Windows 7 is an improvement over previous versions of Windows. Problem is, after installing lots of applications and using them for a while, you end-up having a huge list icons in the notification area settings window. Even if some of them you actually uninstalled in the meantime, they still show up. Therefore, finding applications that you are actually using and making the settings you desire can take more time than it should.

The team from 7 Tutorials created a small batch-file which you can download & execute so that your notification area icon cache is reset.  After you run it, Windows 7 will recreate the cache and it will include only currently used applications.

How to Clean the Notification Area Icon Cache

Traditional and Alternative Eggnog Recipes from the New York Times


M’mmm, everyone loves eggnog. Well, almost everyone. The New York Times has many delicious old and new recipes, even some, er, non-traditional. Gulp.

1958 Eggnog

Blender Eggnog

Eggnog graphic

Additional Recipes from the NY Times

The World’s Most Profitable Companies


No comment other than it’s an interesting chart.

Chart from Billshrink.com

Super Cool Video ‘The Known Universe’ by The American Museum of Natural History

via popsci.com

Visit Santa’s Workshop and Track His Sled


You probably knew NORAD doesn’t just track incoming ICBMs. Follow Santa’s sled on Google Earth, on Twitter or Facebook too. Visit his North Pole workshop and play games for all ages.

NORAD’s Santa Tracker

North Pole Workshop

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