SPlayer – A Truly Lightweight Media Player


If you are tired of using your old media player and you want to try something new, you must try SPlayer. This player is very minimalistic in its approach: low resource consumption, no ads, small size, portability, discrete interface, free of charge. I’ve been trying it out and played a few videos and movies with it and i like a lot. I might actually consider to switch from my heavily used GOM Player.

SPlayer Official Website | Direct Download

Enable ‘God Mode’ in Windows 7


Unbelievable Windows 7 trick that reveals dozens of options previously unavailable in one place. Create a new folder, rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and it magically appears. See original post below:

Enable God Mode in Windows 7 from IthinkDifferent

Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks from Windows 7


We’re sure all TinyHacker readers know how to connect to wireless networks from their Windows 7 laptops. However, when it comes to connecting to hidden wireless networks, things might get a bit more tricky. We’ve found a pretty good tutorial which shows you how to do this, step by step. So, if you ever visit the house of  geek who’s ‘paranoid’ enough to hide his wireless network, you know how to do it.

How to Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks

Quick Hack: Show Your Name in the Windows 7 or Vista Taskbar


The folks from the WinVista Club, have published a geek tip for how to put your name or any other text on the right side of the taskbar. It works with both Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it takes seconds to do it.

Show Your Name In Windows 7 or Vista’s Taskbar

To you and yours,


From tinyhacker and Lego

Picturing the Last 10 Years


via The NY Times, click for larger chart.

Renoir theme for Windows 7


Magnifique !

Renoir theme by Gabriel Cupertino

Links to 16 Smithsonian Institution Museums


Galleries, webcams, puzzles and more !

Smithsonian links

Panda Cam !


National Zoo Panda Cam 2

Cam 1

Muziic – Stream Virtually any Song or Music Video


Web based music player Muziic will fetch your song requests from all corners of the net using the YouTube API. Create playlists and share on socnet sites.


via Wired.com

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