Sweet MozillaZine Mouse pad


Since 1998, MozillaZine has provided independent Mozilla related support. You can shop at their store for clothing, home and office items, hats, mugs and much more. Support a community that has likely helped you.

MozillaZine Store

Mozilla Open Source T-Shirt Design page and Firefox page

Split MP3 Files online Using MP3Cut

cut mp3

Need to slice and dice an MP3 file for a project? MP3Cut is a nifty little online utility you can use to cut up MP3 files for free. Just upload, move the sliders to the portion you want to keep, and click Split and Download. Simple!


SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Edition Handles Spyware Like a Pro


If you want to get rid of Spyware, you want SUPERAntiSpyware Portable. It’s what the folks at How-To Geek use, and you should seriously put this into your toolkit. You can read the full review and screenshot tour over at How-To Geek, or just download it from the link below.

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable

Connect Two Computers using a Crossover Cable

crossover cable

Need to connect two computers together and you don’t have a router on hand? If so, you can use a crossover cable to connect two computers and transfer files directly. Read on!

Connect Two Computers with a Crossover Cable

MS SEO Toolkit


Increase visits to your website with Microsoft’s SEO Toolkit. Included are tutorials that offer detailed analysis of your site and hints on how to increase traffic.

Free Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Enhance Windows Explorer with Advanced Filtering & Search


The folks from 7 Tutorials are big fans of the Windows Explorer version included in Windows 7. They recently published a tutorial which shows how to play with filtering options (from the basic to the more advanced) and search, so that you can find & manage the files you desire as quickly as possible. It’s definitely worth a read.

Transform Windows Explorer with Filtering Options

Replace Windows Task Scheduler with Python

python cron service

Windows Task Scheduler is good for newbies, but what about us hardcore IT people? If you’re in IT or just plain geeky, you might want to try out the Python Cron Service. It basically emulates the Cron utility in Linux. My kind of tool.

Replace Windows Task Scheduler

Going Beyond ‘God Mode’ for Windows 7

If you loved the way too famous God Mode for Windows 7 or the collection of 99 Windows 7 Shortcuts, then you will love this one too. Ed Bott has uncovered another list of 94 secret shortcuts which are not documented by Microsoft. The list includes the following type of shortcuts: folders from current user profiles, other interesting per-user folders, virtual folders and Control Panel shortcuts, system and per-machine folders. For the complete collection, head over to this article.

94 more secret Windows shortcuts

Generate Icons using Iconizer

create icon

Looking for a quick way to generate some nice looking icons? Iconizer is a free service that lets you pick a category, pick a premade icon and then customize it if you like. They have a good collection of icons broken down into categories.


1 HOUR SOFTWARE by Skrommel


A collection of 40 tiny utilities by Skrommel over at Donation Coder. Helpful tools include a screen dimmer, hide desktop script and fading taskbar tool. Some old, some new but all free.


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