Windows 7 Network Locations Explained


Network locations are a concept first introduced by Windows Vista. While it did work, it felt a bit half-baked. Windows 7 manages to refine this feature and seriously improve its functionality. If you ever wondered what network locations are & which are the differences between them, you should give this tutorial a read.

Network Locations Explained

The 53 Best iPhone Games

best iphone games

Now that I have an iPhone, I have found that I spend most of my time on the phone playing games. It’s a great platform and there are a tons of awesome games out there. The Gizmodo team has written up a great article on 53 of the best iPhone games out there. Check it out!

53 Best iPhone Games

Custom Mice by Microsoft


Customize many different mice in a variety of colors. Shipped direct from Microsoft.

Custom Colored Mice by Microsoft

Quickly Create System Restore Point with a Shortcut

create restore point

One surefire way to make sure you can undo a bad install or fix a corrupt registry is to create a system restore point. Most people don’t do it manually because it’s a pain, but what if you can simply double-click a shortcut on your desktop? Read on to learn more…

Create System Restore Point with Desktop Shortcut

Play Tetris in First Person

first person tetris

This I love. Some excellent people wrote up a first-person version of Tetris and it’s a lot of fun to play! Use the space bar to rotate, Enter to drop, and arrow keys to move the pieces around. Nice little break while at work!

First Person Tetris

Searchload Options extension for Firefox


Searchload Options allows you to reset your search engine to it’s default settings or clear it completely after a period of time. A very tiny but very handy tweak for your Firefox searches. 

Searchload Options v0.5.7

Write for 10 Minutes About Anything

write for 10 mintues

Recently, I ran into a cool website called Write for Ten. It’s a project with one rule: write for 10 minutes about anything. Apparently, this helps develop a habit for writing, helps put ideas into words and helps you avoid procrastinating! Check it out!

Write for Ten

Need Lawyers, Guns and Money?


We know where to find the guns. Shoot up your whole screen, right click on your weapon to change. All OSs.

Onefog Desktop Shooter

Increase Productivity with Windows Explorer Add-ons

best explorer add-ons

Windows Explorer is probably where you spend a lot of time while working on your computer. Unfortunately, it’s not really as robust as it should be. Check out this article for five Windows Explorer add-ons to increase your productivity.

5 Windows Explorer Addons

BlackBerry Tips for Beginners

blackberry tips

Just got a new shiny BlackBerry? If so, you might be a little intimidated by all the features and options. Also, if you want to customize it, it could take a little time. Read this post to learn three basic tips to get started using a new BlackBerry.

How to Customize BlackBerry

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